• Gael, hindi natuloy yung RORO port sa El Nido yung prinopose kasi ay dun mismo sa bayan ng El Nido. Kaya tinanggihan nila kasi malaki yung pinsala magagawa sa ganda ng El Nido.

      Yung meron na RORO Port ay ang Taytay, Palawan at dun daw dadaan yung mga papunta at galing Cubao.

    • Meron naman. Roxas and Taytay ang stopover o pwede mo kalabitin si Manong Driver at itigil ang buong bus para maki-CR sa mga bahay sa kalsada. hehehe

  1. Juanito Inton

    Kumusta na ba ang schedule ng Ro-Ro bus from PP to El Nido? Talaga bang 5hrs lang ang biyahe? Kasi we have to take a plane from PP at 1pm, kaya medyo worried ako na maiwan ng plane if we left El Nido late. Is the Ro-Ro bus schedule now on a regular basis? Thanks heaps.

    • Hi Juanito, even if Ro-Ro Bus does make it 5 hours you’ll be arriving in San Jose Terminal in Puerto Princesa at 12NN. I suggest you ride the first trip of Lexus Shuttle Service around 5AM so you can be sure to reach your flight.

    • Armie Ilowa

      Hi Juanito. As a (not so long time) resident of El Nido, I must say that you have to add at least an hour to the 5-hour land trip from PPC to EN because of the stopovers in Roxas and Taytay. The 5-hour trip is under ideal conditions, i.e., dry weather. Josiah, you are a great help in spreading the news that El Nido should not be expensive. Thanks.

      PS: Naunahan mo pa ako dito sa RORO bus na to,hehehe. Mid-march ill be commuting to PPC via this bus. I’ll keep you posted. Great blog!

  2. Liz

    We also tried the RORO Bus going to El Nido just last Sunday, Feb 26. We made it in exactly 5.5 hours. Departed PPC 6am then we arrived in El Nido 1130am. We had a 30 min stop over in Roxas plus yung mga pag pick up nila ng passengers along the way. Overall, it was comfy. Kuya Driver and Conductor said they also have plans of having trips to Southern Palawan soon. :smile:

    • Great to hear na na-experience mo na rin ang RORO Bus to El Nido Riz. Very comfortable compared to other transportation going to El Nido. Sana dumami pa yung mga buses nila at sana makapunta na rin ako sa Southern Palawan soon. Keep on travelling. :)

  3. Ethan

    Nice. We’re going to El Nido this June and I can’t stand being in a van for hire because of my height. 5 hours ba talaga ang travel time for the Roro Bus?

    • Hi Ethan! Not really, it could extend up to 6 hours. But their target travel time is 5 hours.

      Actually, their bus that leaves at 10PM is slower than their usual trips. According to them it will arrive around 4:30AM to 5AM.

  4. Rina

    Finally, find a review on roro bus. Thank you for sharing this information. :smile: Will be visiting El Nido again and nice to know that there are some development in their transportation. :smile:

  5. bee82

    Hi, guys, so happy that I found this post about transport in Palawan!
    I will be arriving in PP next wednesday 25th April around 11:25. My plan is to visit the Underground River in Sabang before proceeding to El Nido.
    So, do you know if RoRo buses can take me to Sabang in the afternoon of 25th April around 14:00?I saw there is a bus to El Nido, but, how can I get to SaBang and then from Sabang to El Nido? Can I still go with RoRo buses?
    If is not possible on the 25th, I will stay in PP and will go to Sabang on the 26th, no problem.
    Many thanks in advance for your help!

  6. tin

    wow, nyt trip sounds fantastic!! been trying to plan a tour tis july and we want to maximize r stay due to limited tym… tis nyt trip is really a good news 4 us.. however, is it safe to travel at nyt frm PPC to elnido considering d rough rds and they said there are no street lyts? is palawan safe frm terrorist/holdapers? 😯

  7. Lemuel

    Concreting of PPC to El nido are almost complete. The travel reduce at 6hrs from 12 hrs. Law enforcers should double its security for the safety of passengers. ROro bus should post a security guard at terminal. No pick up of passengers during night time

    • Hi Lemuel, pauuwiin mo naman ako. I work somewhere in the middle of the national road in Palawan and live somewhere in the town where the RORO bus passes. I ride the night bus by being picked up in the middle of the road in order to come home. But I understand your concern for security.

  8. haaay.
    this is bittersweet..ayos yon roro kasi convenient.. kaso medyo nakakalungkot lang din dun sa mga local transpo businesses sigurado apektado sila dun..
    oh well.. price to pay.tsk

    • ben

      hi ayan.. apektado talaga kami na mga local transpo sa palawan.. walang consultation na ngyari o public hearing basta basta na lang sumulpot ang RORO.. wala na nga silang franchise para sa palwan.. gusto pa nila halos sila na lng lahat ang bumyahe at dagdag pa sila ng dagdag ng mga units nila.. sobra na sila.. di makatao ang gngwa ng RORO BUS… ❗

  9. I tried this during my recent trip to Palawan (as in last last night lang =)) and it was super comfy. Hindi rin super lamig unlike other aircon buses. And the night trip was fast (about five hours lang), way shorter than nung papunta, which took almost 7 hours.


  10. Lemuel

    Thanks for this info. I live in south of Palawan. Any idea how many units do they have now in Palawan? Maybe the trip should be every hour.

  11. mac

    to roro bus palawan your drivers and conductors are riping the company off there are picking people up and not giving tickets out just pocketing the money .they noticed i was watching them and gave me my fare back to keep my mouth shut after i asked why some people on the bus had no tickets

  12. kram

    Hi Josiah! Ask ko lang kasi we are planning to go to El Nido this November and night trip ang gagawin namin byahe from PP-El Nido (10pm). May masasakyan ba kami na trike going sa mga resorts/lodgings pagdating doon (ETA is around 4am)? Or we can walk from there going sa mga resorts/lodgings? what do you suggests? thanks, your blog really helps a lot 😛

    • Hi Kram, meron masasakyan na mga tricycles pero I think x2 na ang presyo nila, so 20 pesos per pax na. I don’t advice walking at that time going to the town medyo malayo pa kasi at wala gaano bahay on the way.

    • kram

      Additional question, mga ilang minutes ang travel time nito papunta sa mga resort? If ever we go back to PP by RORO bus at 10pm, dun din ba kami sasakay sa pinagbabaan namin? Or they have a different terminal? Thanks again! 😛

  13. ben

    Roro bus..apektado lahat ng transportation group sa palawan.. bumabyahe ng walang franchise para sa palawan.ANG RORO BUS AY ISINASAKAY SA BARKO AT HINDI BUMBYAHE NG RIOTUBA TO ELNIDO.. paano nakaklusot ang mga ito sa mata ng LTO? LTFRB? AT SA LALAWIGAN NG PALAWAN?Nakakaawa nag mga tao na nagsisikap sa palawan na mga taga dito sa atin.. :sad: .

  14. Mel

    I felt sorry for the existing transport group in Palawan. But you know RORO Bus lang ang 1st nakapag introduce ng Night Trip sa Palawan., RORO BUs lang sa palawan ang me aircon bus units, RORO Bus lang komportabling bus sa Palawan…Bakit di na lang nila gayahin…..

    • ben

      hello mel.. wala naman problema kong may mga franchise sila na para sa rota nila na palawan.. ang problema wala na nga silang franchise.. dagdag pa sila ng dagdag ng mga bus nila.. paano na tayong mga palaweno na sumusunod sa ltfrb para sa franchise? gusto yata nila sila na lang ang bbyahe dito sa palawan.. na di naman yan mga taga dito at walang franchise..

    • Hi Tony, there are no taxis from puerto princesa to el nido but you can hire a van to take you to el nido from puerto princesa. I suggest contacting Lexus Shuttle Service for the vans. I hope that helps.

  15. christine

    hi we are going to el nido this march and we are planning to go to underground river on our fourth day wat is d earliest time of departure from el nido to sabang? dadaan din po ba ang roro bus? Thanks! 😛

  16. yahs

    Ive been experienced sa RORO bus na yan, nag roller coaster kami. approaching zigzag road tumatakbo ang sinasakyan naming bus ng 100 to 120 speed. mabilis at raskal mag patakbo ang driver.
    hndi namin na enjoy ang byahe instead takot ang naramdamam nanim dahil sa kunting pag kakamali lang sa bangin kami pupulutin. When we reach irawan check point nag complaint kami sa police on duty. Hindi sila concern sa safety ng passengers, after sila sa magiging pursyento nila per trip.

  17. Daisy


    Thank you very much for this information–really helpful…including the comments from fellow travelers.

    Would you know kung meron pa rin roro bus?
    Punta kami ng El Nido next week.

    Mukhang Ok yung night trips nila =)


    • Hi Daisy!
      You’re welcome! Yes, Roro bus is still operating here in Palawan. And I agree on their night trips. Saves time and money. :)

  18. Mel

    I saw a new set of buses in Puerto Terminal, this time its a color white, yellow and red. The bus name is CHERRY. According to driver of Roro bus, those buses were sister company of Victory Liner in Manila.

    • I actually rode with them once for a short trip. I’ve heard a lot of good plans from them. I’m still waiting and seeing on how they will improve before I collect data from them. ^_^

  19. Carlos


    First, congrats for your blog and thanks for all the info you share with us :smile:

    I checked this post and looks like the RORO buses is working again but I would like to be sure, I’ve been reading that they had problems before and stop operating, and now according to your post they are working again but with less buses, am I right?

    Thanks in advance

  20. Anna

    I heard that the Cherry Bus is already running regular trips to El Nido with a schedule too and all their buses have GPS units to monitor safety. Has anyone tried riding the Cherry Bus?

  21. Hi Josiah, have I’ve been refering your blog to plan for my Palawan trip next year. Why are the RORO buses not operating as of Sept 2014 as you updated? Is it temporary due to off-season or are they no longer operating in Palawan? Cos a night trip buses would really do me a favor during my trip soon. Are Daytripper,Lexus or any other buses vans company make night trip now? Thanks.

    • Hi Nadira, I’m not really sure why they stopped and if ever they would be going back. There’s Cherry Bus that you can ride that takes the night trip. Though I don’t really recommend doing the night trip.

  22. Jan

    May I ask why you would not recommend the night trip> I will be travelling with the whole family. Mom, sister and her kids. and were planning to leave PP past 5pm. I would rather spend the night in PP if its not safe, although it will definitely affect our itinerary. would appreciate tips and suggestions. Cheers!

    • What I mean about night trips are the trips that would leave around 9PM or 10PM, as you would not have enough time to rest for your tour or flight. I’ve done it before and I’m still doing it now, but I do not recommend it. Only if you really need to do it.

      If safety is a concern, I’ve done the night trips more times than I could remember and nothing has happened to me for all the night trips that I did.

  23. Lam Nguyen

    Hi Josiah,

    Thank you for setting up such an informative blog. I’m looking to travel at the end of Sept to first week of Oct.

    I research that it is the raining season, do you think that it is still worth travelling to around this period?


    • Yes. It’s still worth it to travel to El Nido even on those dates. I’ve tried Island Hopping on those months. But it would be unlucky if there is a storm during those times as the Island Hopping Tours do get cancelled for safety reasons.

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