1. I agree that the beachline looks great without any infrastructures there. I hope it stays that way, its one of Nacpan’s characteristics that I love than I do El Nido’s beach.

    And I’m liking the common area Jack’s Place have, a good area for socials with other travellers. Looking forward to visiting Nacpan again. I hope they keep the rustic, and laid back feel to it though.

    • Agree! The best characteristic about Nacpan Beach is that it still has less infrastructures compared to the beach in the town of El Nido.

      I’m actually afraid with the growing numbers of cottages right along the beach which would eventually destroy the facade of Nacpan if not controlled. It happend to Boracay, El Nido Town Proper and Anawangin already.

    • Okay na okay talaga. I highly recommend staying here dahil ang luwag and minimalist ng lugar. I do hope you could visit Nacpan next year and stay there overnight. 🙂

  2. Wow such a great place… hope that this place will be maintained like this… ibang iba na ang lugar kung maraming establishments na magsusulputan. Nasisira kagandahan ng isang lugar lalo na kung di naaalagaan ng maayos.

    • Agree! Magiging iba talaga yung lugar kung marami na establishments na magsulputan. Sana nga ma-maintain nila ito na limited lang ang buildings and less concrete. Ang Nacpan naman ay pinupuntahan dahil sa ganda ng lugar dahil mukha talaga siyang untouched.

  3. Just for clarification, if I stay there overnight, I’d need to pay the tricycle driver P1,000 going there, then another P1,000 coming back to El Nido Town Proper?

    Excellent and helpful write-up, btw. =)

    • Yup! You need to pay the tricycle driver that. Some visitors rent a motorcycle.

      I’m not sure but you can try asking Jack’s Place if they could arrange a pickup.

  4. TOM

    Thanks for this helpful blog, it looks a great place. Is it a good place for swimming? How about snorkeling, are there corals, beautiful fishes, and so?

    • Good for swimming. Not good for snorkeling as the beach does not go deep immediately. I’m not sure though if you get farther from the shore. Usually when I am here I just lounge around at the shore and get wet on the water but I do not go far.

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