1. Thank you for this! Batad is one of the places we like to visit; in fact, we want to stay there for a week or two for an “immersion” adventure. Your blog post will truly help us in planning our Batad trip.

    • I’m glad my blog was helpful on your planning. Good decision on staying there for a week or two. I myself wanted to try that. Enjoy your travel to Batad!

  2. The Jenerator

    Thanks – I am planning a trip in January 2016 and read your whole series of the posts on Banaue/Batad. They are the most comprehensive ones I’ve sifted through on the Net.

    Thank you for doing this and safe travels 🙂

  3. Koffi

    We initially planned on staying overnight at batad however when we learned that there is no place to park we opted to book our accommodation at banaue instead.

    We then joined the day tour. And yes, the fee doesn’t include lunch. It only covers transpo and guide fee.

  4. Rodrigo Dominguez

    dammm you are so good, i been wondering arround 10000 of blogs and all of them only confuse me more. but yours is perfect.
    thks so much. i will go there in january

  5. Roses

    Hi! Just wondering If i Go to Banaue can I see a rice terraces in there without goin to Batad? Afraid I can endure the very,long walk but I really love to see a rice terraces. Any advice? Planning to go there just a daytrip this April 13 then back to Baguio on Good Friday.


    • Hi Roses! Yes. There are a lot of rice terraces even if you just stay in the town proper of Banaue. But so far Batad is the best Rice Terraces I have seen. No pressure though if you will only be staying in Banaue, the trip would still be worth it. ^_^

  6. Grace

    Hi! Thank you for this blog post. You organized it very neatly! It’s my first time to do a northern Philippines tour and I’m planning of doing so by the LAST WEEK of JUNE to the FIRST TWO WEEKS of JULY. I hope to see the rice terraces, and your post convinces me to head for Batad. I saw from your pictures how green the environment was.

    If I visit during the last week of JUNE to early JULY, can I expect see so much greenery around me too? I’ve seen photos where the rice terraces looked brown and almost barren. I wish to avoid traveling in that time frame.

    If possible, I want to stay in a lodging where I can wake up to a beautiful view of the terraces and simply enjoy a cup of warm coffee or chocolate. Your advice will be very much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Grace

      Just a follow up: I saw from another website this info:

      “April to May is the best time to see the Batad rice terraces at its greenest.

      June to July is the best time to see the Banaue rice terraces at its greenest.

      June is harvest time at Batad so you can see it in its golden color.

      August is harvest time in Banaue”

      I’m not sure though if this timeframe still holds, given the impact of climate change. In this case, perhaps I should head to BANAUE rice terraces instead to see them at their greenest in June-July?

      Thank you so much again, really!

    • Hi Grace,

      The photos I used for this blog post was on our visit to Batad on June 12-14, 2015. It’s really hard to predict what times would be okay to visit Batad since they change their planting dates every year. I think it might be better if you ask directly the Tourism Office of Banaue.

  7. Lorraine Olivas-Romey

    Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed your candor as I read each note under your pictures which were truly spectacular. We plan on visiting Banaue and Batad in late April 2020, however, will we still be able to see the beauty of the rice terrances without doing a hike as we are in our 70s?
    Thank you for sharing, a wonderful entertaining and informative blog.

  8. Cool place, right? When these covid quarantines go away and tourism opens up again, you should check out places in the Kalinga mountain areas (not Tabuk lol). It’s very remote and peaceful and beautiful with not many people.

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