1. wow, Josiah that’s what you call persistence! “That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do not because the nature of things has changed but because our power to do has increased”.saying that guess I am not persistent haha..good work and great post!

  2. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah
    This Bridge is very memorable to me
    because I visited the construction site
    in early 1972 (I was then connected w/ DBP
    Tacloban Branch).
    I asked one of the Filipino Engineers
    why the Bridge is unusually constructed. He said that because of
    the WHIRLPOOLS. They studied how
    they can make it durable to last
    many years, considering also natural
    calamities such as earthquakes, Typhoons, overloaded Trucks, etc.
    That they considered also the love
    of Marcos to Imelda forming the S &
    L, he did not say but perhaps they
    did. To think that the Bridge is
    40 yrs old and it is still beautiful,
    thumbs up to those Engineers.
    Today, I describe this as:
    “Man Made Project on GOD’s
    Scenic Creation”
    I have not seen also a Bridge with
    this kind of Architecture. San Juanico Strait is considered as “the narrowest navigable Strait in the
    For further info: Google: San Juanico Bridge Final xvid by jethrixx
    U Tube
    This will be part of my route to “Sulangan Pilgrimage “. It needs a
    good weather to capture the beauty
    of San Juanico Bridge and the Strait.

  3. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah & Readers,

    P.S. At the end of San Juanico Strait
    at the right side going to Samar , is Leyte Gulf , where Salcedo>Guiuan
    Peninsula is located. Pls.
    Google: Pictures of Panaon, Eastern

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