1. Greg

    As a native English speaker and web editor, your writing is very good, just a few minor tweaks here and there.

    Reading your opinion in this article I was expecting much worse 😉

  2. John

    There’s no such thing as perfect English not unless you’re a Ph. D in language and grammar. There is always a conflict when it comes to English. ( British English, American English).

  3. Pol

    Don’t worry about your English. It’s better than most Americans. As long as you get your message across, that’s all that matters. Keep up the good work,

  4. Wilbert

    no problem with the english as long as the details are accurate.

    which would make this blog still very helpful in most cases. 😀

    • Thanks Wilbert. I have problems on accuracy too because I’m only just one person and I can’t keep going back to place to keep every details updated. But it’s still better to have an old information than no information at all. That’s why I still keep on writing them as detailed as I can even though I know someday it will no longer be accurate.

  5. Can’t see anything wrong with your English. what’s important is the content of your articles.

    It still boils down to one question. Were you able to help your readers with the information/experiences that you shared in yout blog?

    I know the answer is a big Yes. So nothing to worry about.

    I think what you’re experiencing is the usual feeling of every Pinoy who writes. You always feel that what you’re writing isn’t good enough. I also experience that.

    But sabi nga nila, you just got to let it go. ANd just do your job.

    If our job is to write. Then we write and ship!


    • Thanks Jon. I have to agree. As long as it helps other people then I just keep on doing it. I’ll continue to write and share my experiences. Keep on helping by writing!

  6. Cecil

    It’s refreshing to find a blogger who is humble enough to admit his shortcomings, although I have to say it’s really not that big a deal given the amount of information and inspiration you give to your readers.

    I admire your determination to improve and your humility. I’d take your blog any day over some of the other pretentious and narcissistic blogs out there. Some of them come off as if they’re God’s gift to the reading public.

    Keep on doing what you do. You’re good at it. It’s very inspiring.

    Travel on! And yes, write on! 🙂

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