• Thanks Ed! masaya magsurfing sa Baler, very friendly for beginners. pero for the surfing addict, you can ask the surfers around for their secret spot. 🙂

  1. panalo! so glad I’ve done most of the things on the list. But then again, Baler is like my 2nd home. Thanks for featuring this travel worthy place 🙂

  2. Auraphil

    Nice Pictures. Baler, Aurora is one of my future destinations, because I was named after the 1st lady, Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon. When “inay” saw her picture at a Calendar, she wished and prayed for a daughter to be named after her, bec. she found her beautiful. She did, and that’s me. Unluckily, I am not beautiful, but I am very happy for my name because an Exec. European told me
    that it is the name of one of the
    Goddesses in old Greek literature.
    The Germans associate me with the
    morning Sun. Ha! Ha!
    For sure I will take many pictures
    of the biggest Balete Tree and I
    hope to join also pull the end of the
    “Pukot”. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Simon

    Hello. Wonderful blog you have! Your blog’s helping us out right now, figuring out where to stay in Palawan and what to do there as well.

    But to clarify some things though, specifically on this blog post, 2 of the activities you mentioned (or places to go) are not in Baler. Ditumabo Falls is in San Luis and the Balete tree is in Maria Aurora. San Luis and Maria Aurora are neighboring towns of Baler.

    I know I am nitpicking (haha)and I am sorry about that. But I guess those small and relevant details are worth mentioning. 😀


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