1. Arisse

    If you do good in the office, most likely the boss will sign your leave of approval…- sana ganun samen..hahaha!

    nice sir Josiah,dameng inputs to learn from… 🙂

  2. Re number 6, it’s so funny that in a lot of my pictures, I seem to be always wearing the same set of shirts. My sisters have threatened to throw some of them away without me knowing. It’s just that I take care of my things and don’t buy when I don’t need to, kaya ako nakakatipid at nakakabyahe ng husto~! Nice post, Josiah!

    • Parehas tayo! I always wear the same thing buti nalang sobrang kaunti lang yung pictures ko for people to notice. And the important thing about travel is that you got to the place not what you wore on the place. Thanks Aleah! 😀

  3. i like tip # 7. back home, we have a small garden. the owner is not using the vacant lot across our house so my parents asked permission to plant vegetables there. now, our neighboors never hesitate to drop by our place to buy vegetables like eggplant, calamansi, sili, upo, malunggay, and more 😉

    great list you have here josiah!

    • Astig! Your parents just started to plant vegetables without thinking of profit tapos money just came right to the table. Thanks Doi! 😀

  4. Thanks for the tips! I’m already starting to save a part of my salary solely for travel, but the only problem is… I currently don’t have time to travel. Maybe that’s also why you quit your job? 😕

  5. I absolutely loved this post. It’s hard to believe despite living here that I didn’t even know we were surrounded with that many landscapes and locations of beauty!

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