Lakas ng Trip is a personal travel blog by Josiah.

The main aim of this blog is to help Filipinos plan their travels for them to personally experience and be proud and positive of the Philippines.

About the Author

As a child, Josiah is frequently tagged along by his parents on their work travels. At home, he would usually set-up a makeshift tent using blankets on their terrace just to spend the night outside.

Little did he know that traveling with his parents and his improvised campouts would make him love mountaineering during his engineering student days.

Time passed and he got tired of climbing mountains and decided to take a vacation from mountaineering and went camping on different beaches across Luzon.

His friends then asked to join him on his travels, hence, he started organizing trips with friends.

With all the complications of organizing travels, however, he got tired of it but never got tired of his passion to travel and make people travel.

His travel experiences made him realize and appreciate how awesome the Philippines is and how his limited amount of money could actually generate a livelihood for people on where he travels.

Thus, with his passion and travel experiences, this travel blog was born.

A travel blog that aims to

  • Help Filipinos plan their travels in the Philippines.
  • Make Filipinos to be proud of their country by personally experiencing the different places in the Philippines.
  • Create a sustainable livelihood for others through travelling.

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