1. You’re the beeeeeeeeest Josiah!!!! ♥

    It was nice seeing how the town is now.

    Last time i was there, i had breakfast in Bana’s too and ate in Salt and Pepper with 2 Jewish soldiers. And the famous lemon pie now has a signature packaging. 😀 before it was just a gray generic box. Ahhhh memories 😀

  2. Cathy

    my mom told me that if a guy treated his mom/ sisters well,most likely, he will become a good husband.

    pS: parang ang sarap ng lemon pie.

  3. “The least I could do is grow up the way she wanted me to be and make her smile by simple gestures like buying her coffee.” #Sweetness

    You should let her read this Sai.. She would really appreciate this.. 😉

    And I was really hoping for the song and dance number for her — complete with props, & vid ofcourse! Cge nah!! Ahahahaha.. Happy moms day to your mom!

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