1. I certainly agree with you Josiah. This is the primary reason I’m not getting an iphone/tablet. Sure these things can help us a lot during travel, but at the same time, It would be hard to disconnect from our social media life.

    • Agree! Gadgets are really helpful but are also really distracting. I’m still a work in progress on not getting warped at my phone but I’m getting better at it. 🙂

  2. A couple of years ago, I noticed that having convenient social media apps online all the time constantly tempt me to post about everything I can think of at every moment. I hated myself haha. I became one of those people who I hated for not having a life other than their social media life. So I stopped opening them while at work (where I wanted to rant every second) to avoid posting minute after minute. Now I rarely post, and it didn’t kill me at all.

    However, my travel buddy (the Hobo who is a social media hater), thinks of me as a ‘slave to social media’ in spite of not being one in its true definition. Heck, I only post selfies once a month. Every time we’re on a trip, I hear him grunting when I take so much time adding filters to some photo to be posted in Instagram. Haha. I can’t help but share things that I think are really worth sharing ASAP! XD

  3. Nice reflection, and realization! Let me add that I have seen people at (supposedly) romantic dates, yet tapping their time away. Even parents (esp children) doing this during their Sunday lunch outs.

    But when my friends/family do this in front of my royal highness, I tell them so and threaten them I’d walk out (esp if am footing the bill hehe)!

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