• Thanks Clair! It took me a week para lang matapos yung post na ito. And yes, mahirap talaga gumawa ng itinerary ang dami kasing factors involved. But if it helps people to travel, the effort is definitely worth it. 🙂

  1. i have asked this from some bloggers

    “is it possible/advisable to bring your own ride [with high ground clearance] all the way to Saddle Point?”

    • Hi Thobs! I think you can, just make sure that it has a good amount of horsepower so that you could push your way through the rough roads. Check out the picture of the two public jeepneys above. In front of them there is a privately owned vehicle. I think that is proof enough that you can. 🙂

  2. Chai

    Hi. what a great details.. i just want to ask on Day 1 0230 PM ETA Market to 0330 PM ETD Saddle Point, Batad: what did do on this 1 hr idle time? Is it really necessary to tell the driver how many days you’ll stay in Batad?

    • Hi Chai. Day 0230PM to 0330 PM is a necessary idle time since you’ll be waiting for the jeepney to be full before it leaves.

      Not really necessary but I highly encourage you to tell the driver that you are going back on what day so that he will try to avoid not to take a leave on that day.

    • Chai

      great thanks Josiah 🙂 one more question, if we arrive in the morning will we able to catch the jeep going to saddle point batad, i read ın some blogs there is 2 jeepney trip in the morning. just in case you have any idea, what time does it usually leave from the market? thanks again 🙂

    • You’re welcome Chai. I don’t think there’s a jeepney going to Saddle in the morning. I asked all the details from the driver. He said that the trip going to Saddle is only in the afternoon and the one going back to the Poblacion Market from Saddle is only in the morning. If you really want to go there in the morning, then you may want to try renting a jeepney to Saddle or a Tricycle to Batad Junction.

    • Hi Pipo, they did not tell me of an existing morning jeep to batad. Either there’s no morning jeep or the locals did not tell me of its existence.

  3. Thanks for this post sir… Ang laking tulong sa pgpaplano ng unang ultimate cityhopping tour ko for the year:
    Bataan-Zambales-Pangasinan-Mt. Province-Ifugao-Nueva Vizcaya…

    Cheers! 😀

    • Hi Ferl, the answer to your question is actually written in the article. Please read the whole post before asking questions.

      Have a nice day.

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