• Hindi ko alam kung pwede siya kainin. Sa sunod tanungin ko kung pwede at tikman din. Baka hindi lang sa amoy lumalaban ito sa Durian, baka pati sa lasa. 🙂

    • Haha… naiisip ko tuloy yung prutas naglalabas ng stink pellets. 😀

      Good question. Isa yan sa mga ireresearch ko. 🙂

  1. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah,
    I find this tree very interesting.
    The Dept. of Agri. and DOST should be
    informed so that they can study and propagate.
    Even if the fruit is not edible, the
    natural color can be useful for many
    industries instead of using chemicals. Who knows? Perhaps this
    can be mixed with Duhat fruit to
    produce Hair Dye, a worldwide demand.
    Like Nimm Tree (wonder tree of India), the source of many consumer
    products, this should be planted at
    all regions. Thanks for sharing.

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