1. che

    Hello There,

    I love your blog.=)Thank you for sharing it.

    Sir Josiah pwede nyo ho ba akong matulungan..
    Im planning to go backpacking this November.. Ang ang gustong gusto kong puntahan is Biri Island in Northern Samar.. After reading your blog gusto ko na ring pumunta sa Calicoan Island and Jagnaya Beach(i love the place) which in Eastern Samar, how far is Eastern Samar to Northern Samar?.. meron ho ba kayong contact number ng pwdeng mag guide dun sa Calicoan and Jagnaya beach?.. Im a solo backpacker ho.

    lets continue sharing that spirit of adventure.


    • ren

      Its like a 10-12 hour bus ride from Allen City (northern samar) going to Guiuan. You may try Khaishra Hotel right in downtown Guiuan. It may not easy reaching our hometown but the experience is rewarding! May it be a pilgrimage trip, beach bumming, cave adventure or down to Phil. History… Guiuan has it!!!

  2. Auraphil

    This is a good presentation of some
    of the Beaches of Guiuan. These can
    be reached in 30 Minutes from Guiuan
    Airport. While the beaches of Mercedes (Haklagan)and Salcedo’s (Jagnaya) can be reached in 20 Minutes, Dumpao and Sapao Beaches will take you only in 3 Minutes from the Airport and about 5 Minutes to the town proper. These natural attractions plus Marine Bio diversity, satellite Islands/Islets and History are attractions that no other destination can equally offer.
    I hope the Municipalites of Guiuan,
    Mercedes and Salcedo (GMS Peninsula)
    will feature in their Websites or per
    U Tube their natural attractions to
    guide Visitors and attract Investors
    of eco oriented projects.

  3. arenjey


    My family is from Guiuan and i usually beach hop whenever i visit for vacation 🙂 The “I do not know” beach you were referring to in your post is called Monay beach. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Arenjey! I’ve always wondered what’s the name of that beach. Glad I know it now and I still want to go back to your hometown! 🙂

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