1. Liz

    wow ang swerte nyo naman! sarap mag swim nung punta nyo. when we went there, sobrang dame and lakas ng tubig from falls as in parang may bagyo and super cold! plus the strong current hehe 🙂

    great blog! 😛

    • Thanks Liz! Delikado nga magswim kapag malakas young current. Nung pumunta kami dun holy week, weirdly hindi ganon kadami yung mga tao.

  2. was there 21st-23rd…would have met you had I done it earlier… too bad I missed bomod ok because of time pressure. had A great time in Sagada though. View palang papunta sagada, solve na. 😛

  3. JongLibotero

    Nice info! im planning to go this coming july, ive been in sagada mga 4years ago na and caving lang nagawa namin kasi wala kaming idea or di kami prepared kasi nakamotor lang kami.

    • Glad to see someone na parehas ng situation with me when I went there. No idea ako on what to do there. Hehe Enjoy your travel to Sagada! 🙂

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