1. Auraphil

    The Island you see at the far end from Pagnamitan Bridge is HOMONHON, where F. Magellan first landed. From here or near the Sulangan Shrine, you can hire Motorboats. Early Morning trip during good weather will take only less an Hour, depending upon the speed of the Boat.

    You need at least 2 days, then you will know why Magellan and his men stayed 8 days before travelling further to Limasawa Island. This is again another trip for you.

    Have fun during your historical Journey. Historians will probably join you. Sunrise photos from Pagnamitan Bridge are fantastic.

    • Hi Auraphil, I love how you add details and history. Thank you very much.

      It’s one of my target to reach the historical Homonhon Island and see what’s there. I do hope historians will join me so I could learn more about the place. 🙂

  2. Auraphil

    You are welcome Josiah. I do enjoy
    adding details to your interesting
    Blogs because I wish also that your
    Readers will not miss interesting
    Spots, when already there. To enjoy
    an interesting place, the Visitor
    need much time, which most don’t have.
    As far as history is concerned, I
    think that Southeastern Samar is a
    MUST visit place for every educated
    Filipino and world historian. Then
    one can say that he knows the Phil. and understand the Filipinos. The ff.
    Google Info are helpful:
    1. Ferdinand Magellan-Wikipedia
    2. Balangiga Massacre-Wikipedia
    3. The Battle Off Samar
    4. Taffy 3. David versus Goliath
    5. Navy 3149
    NCB 93:Navy Base at Guiuan
    93rd Seabees Battalion
    Chapel by the Sea
    It is interesting to note that aside
    from History, Nature is Paradiselike.
    The Underwater offer also beautiful
    Seascapes with Corals and marine life
    similar to the Great Barrier Reef of
    If you will publish your scheduled
    travels months ahead, I am sure that
    some will join you. There is more fun and much cheaper, because you will divide the expenses. Combine
    Relaxation and Adventure. After seeing South Samar, Palo,Tacloban City, Dulag, Mactan and
    Cebu, my next is Limasawa Island.
    My target is to complete the TRACES
    of Magellan ( I drank the Water where
    he drank ) and Gen. MacArthur in the Phil. I stayed already at the Manila Hotel (the residence of Gen. MacArthur in MNL), visited Corrigidor Island and Bataan.
    In all of these places, I enjoyed Sightseeing, talking to the Locals, eating their Delicacies and buying Souvenirs.
    I wish you all LOVE, good HEALTH, PEACE, and SUCCESS in all your Undertakings !!!!!!

    this 2012 and the coming years.

  3. ren

    “Historical Journey”… Hmmm thats actually a great idea. If most people goes for ramdom beach and scenery travels, why not set a goal for historical marks of WWii and old churches. I will have this on my list. Thanks for the idea 🙂

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