1. Nora

    Hello Josiah, thanks for this blog! It’s AWESOME!! I’m Nora from Singapore and I’m keen to do this Canyoneering! Yay!! I’ve some queries, hope you can reply..

    1. I planned to wear contact lenses, can my lens survive the multiple jumps? Any of your friends had experience wearing one during this trip?

    2. Im a muslim, for sure I cant eat baboy or non-halal food, are there seafood to order for our meals in the resort or at those BBQ/stalls during the canyoneering rest points?

    Many thanks in advance po 🙂

    • hi Nora, I’m not so sure about the contact lens as I none of us was wearing any contact lens.

      Yes, there are seafood and chicken that you can order in the resort. I think it would be better to tell the resort n advance so that they may prepare the proper food for you. Unfortunately, on the rest point I’m not sure if there is are non-pork there.

      I hope this helps.

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