1. dri-fit shirt is really advisable during travels…

    just a note, when travelling back to pundaquit beach from nagsasa, use the same clothes you’re wore on swimming… don’t change in nagsasa… it doesn’t matter if you ride the boat wet, it will definitely become wet anyway… waves are tough from nagsasa to pundaquit, sea water will splash to you during the boat ride… take a shower and change to your dry clothes when you reach pundaquit…

  2. I notice that when I’m on the road, my tolerance for wearing clothes the second time increases, especially pag onti na talaga damit ko. Haha.

    • I’m using trek shorts, but i find them bulky kahit na mabilis din sila matuyo. I think i’ll try the board shorts din. Thanks James.

    • Iba talaga kapag mabilis matuyo at magaan ang damit. ang maganda pa for dry-fit clothes hindi mo na siya kailangan plantsahin. 🙂

  3. I would also add that clothes that have UV protection really help a lot since you are constantly exposed to the sun when camping or island hopping. Also don’t forget the large hat!

    • It’s my first time to hear clothes that have UV protection. Cool! I shall look for one asap. Thanks for sharing Grace. 🙂

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