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  1. Auraphil

    As children, this is one of our “favorites” at home in Q.C.
    but with Herford Corned Beef.
    The cheapest travel food I experienced
    was in Salcedo, E. Samar. An spontaneous trip to Binabasalan Islet
    from Salcedo Town. I bought “Budigon”, Calamansi, Salt and 1 big
    Onion. It cost me only 40,–Pesos
    in 2006. The fresh catch fish cost
    50 Pesos. I had a wonderful meal of
    “Kinilaw” and “Budigon.” For the
    picture of “Budigon” see
    Google: Gen. MacArthur Song- U Tube
    It’s rice packed in young coconut
    leaves. Just the thought of it makes
    me smile.

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