• Ikaw kasi e. Sabi mo sa akin na magsulat ako patungkol sa ibang aspect ng travelling other than details para hindi ako napapagod sa pagsusulat. Ayan, pogi pack ang kinalabasan. hehe

  1. “Though others say that the fewer things you put in your Pogi Pack the lesser it becomes synonymous to the Kikay Kit.”

    Reminds me of a male friend who packed more items than me. he had mirror, cottonballs, toner, etc.

    thanks for making me laugh!

    • Great to know you had a great time reading the post Reiza. Yes, we also have view our hygiene as a social responsibility to others. 😛

    • I’m glad you’re amused Lois. Oo naman. We also would like to be clean and smelling nice for friends and locals. 🙂

  2. cool post and ayos ng ‘pogi pack’ term ah. hahaha.

    i currently have a pocket shaver sa pogi pack ko and and also a small gel/wax tube for the hair kung kelangan maging presentable hehehe.

  3. I don’t think I’ll have just a pogi pack 😛 I think I’ll have an entire pogi bag 😛

    I recommend comb (if with full length hair), wax, mouthwash, and facial wash 😛

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