1. i consider myself a palawan local.
    confession: i dont pay ETDF, i just do my share of conserving the environment like cleaning the beach or picking up trash.
    palagi kasi akong wary sa mga fee, i always think that people in the govt use this to do corruption etc. i just hope not.

  2. Anonymous

    I think more business and tourist would be happy to support The ETDF if there were a bit of transparency with the funds. OR, perhaps if more tourist inquired WHERE THE FUNDS ACTUALLY GO, maybe there would be more transparency with the funds.
    I encourage you to investigate where the money actually goes on your next visit.

  3. El Nido Paradise

    Thanks for this informative article. Environmental fee is indeed a valuable ressource for funding the protection of the environment, even if it’s sometimes complained about by the tourists. But this is for the sake of preserving what makes El Nido a unique place!
    Thank you for sharing the video, I will share it also!

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