1. Thanks! Your post inspired me. I might do my second solo trip here and complete all the tours.
    I’m with my friends right now and we can only do tour C here(we spent 4 days in Puerto princes 3 days here minus ~11hrs of transit)

  2. TOM

    Many thanks for the very useful information you provide in this helpful blog.
    The price rise is frightening, suddenly 70%, over 100% taking into account the depreciation of the euro.
    Frightfully high prices in EL NIDO for island tours, accommodation, etc. I do not think it is justified; seems to be just treating tourists as money-wallets with legs and squeeze them at maximun. I can imagine there is a sort a local mafia controling business in El Nido.

    • Hi Tom, you can put it that way. But we can also view it on a positive angle. The increase of prices means that less tourist would be able to afford El Nido, which is a good thing as I think that El Nido is already getting more tourist than the natural environment could handle. Also since there’s an increase in prices on the tours, there’s most likely an increase on the salary of the guides and other logistical items for a stay in El Nido. Don’t you want those who are serving you to have a better life?

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