1. Apple

    Hi.. me and my friends are going to puerto princesa and el nido for 5 days this summer. what tour option would you recommend to us since we can only stay for 2 days in El nido. thanks 🙂

  2. john obrien

    if you’re a person who likes peace and quiet better not stay along the foreshore in el nido.noisy and overpriced during peak season.best to opt out to the beaches out of town and commute by tricycle.

  3. ckirsteen

    hi, wl heading to el nido this july for 1 1/2 day I would say, can u suggest which tour should we take? no idea a, b and c. thanks.

  4. Herbert

    Hi, will be traveling solo to el nido this April/May (7 days). Would you recommend to just stay in one lodge the entire time or would it be worthwhile to transfer inns depending on the area i want to visit. Planning on staying 2 nights or so in Maremegmeg which i heard is much peaceful. Your thoughts? TIA

    • This differs from each person. I tend to make the accommodation my home when I’m travelling so I always would like not to move around too much. My preference is to stay at one lodge and just visit the other places. But it’s really up to you.

      Maybe if you do not like the lodge that you are staying then you can move somewhere else.

  5. TOM

    I wonder how expensive seems to be the “cheap” accommodation in EL NIDO. You say the Joaquinn’s Bed & Breakfast cost 2050 p/n, This is very expensive in Philippines for so basic lodgment!; anyway the Agoda link shows prices of 94€ and 116€ per night in May!! In my opinion it’s more than awfully expensive, it’s a scam; quite a few 5 star Manila hotels are cheaper than this basic B&B in the same dates!
    Seriously, Is there any cheap accommodation in EL NIDO (I mean under 1000p, but not a dump place)? Can you recommend any?

    • Hi Tom, thank you for sharing your opinion on this. Since you already know ahead how much the prices are you can save up for your travel to El Nido. If Joaquinn’s Bed & Breakfast is expensive for you, then don’t book there. Look for other accommodations. I’m not updated with the prices as I do not live in El Nido but you can ask directly the accommodations. Agoda also has a function where you can order their list from cheapest to the most expensive. I hope that would help you.

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