1. I’m fond of hiking but this one is the most unforgettable experience. I was so tired and it killed me. hahaha. Anyway, it’s a good exercise and it all worth it.Very beautiful nature.

    • Agree on the so tired and it killed me part. hahaha! It was very beautiful but you really have to be fit to enjoy the place.

  2. Rice Terraces! Makes me miss home so bad actually migrated here in Canada for more than a decade now and i might be going home for a visit. 🙁
    Thanks for the guide!

  3. Thanks for sharing the breakdown of your expenses! Noted that the jeepney & tryke rental fees are more expensive than the food & accommodations. Must’ve been long rides, hehe. Looking at the pics, it seems to be all worth it. 🙂

  4. med

    Hi,how long the hiking will take to go to Batad?is there any summit there.i used to join mountain climbing atleast 4hours walk only. Tnx

  5. julius

    Reading your blog makes me even hungrier to exploe my home country. We’re planning to visit the rice terraces soon. Can you give some tips coz we’re travelling with our toddlers. Where can we have a great view of the terraces without doing much trekking? Of course we love to do it but circumstances don’t suggest. When is the best time to see the green paddies? Thanks a lot.

    • I’m glad my blog is making you hungry to explore the Philippines. If you just want to see the Banaue Rice Terraces you can hire tricycles in town to take you to different viewpoints. But the best view is in Batad which requires a lot of trekking but worth the effort.

      I’m not sure when would the paddies be green as they change the dates of when they start planting.

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