1. odie

    Good day!

    since we have limited time, we plan to take the RORO night trip of 10pm in nov. as you mentioned the island hopping will start only at 9. is it possible kaya to start much earlier since we will arrive there at around 4 – hoping it can start around 5-530?

    are there any mobile contact numbers for the numbers you posted? thanks. your blog is of great help to would-be travellers to el nido.


    • Good day Odie.

      I think you can start earlier if you rent the whole boat for your tour. You can contact the tour agency for more details if you want to start earlier than the usual.

      All of the numbers postedvare mobile numbers.

      Thanks. Enjoy your trip to El Nido. 🙂

  2. Tseri

    Hi, we are planning to go there next month. Is it recommended to bring kids along? If yes, are the rates the same for kids?

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