1. jon arceno

    uuwi dn ako jan 1 of these days.theres no place like home.unfortunately, wla na kming bahay yta sa guiuan.hehehe.hopefully after ng contract ko sa barko makauwi ako jan at makapag simba para mkapag pasalamat sa lahat ng blessings na natanggap ko.maiha na nga panahon na waray ak makauli dida ha guiuan.i miss my hometown, my relatives and also my ex-gf.na may asawa na cguro sa ngayon. 🙁

  2. ren

    The most challenging place to go is in Boroboro Cave. It took us 30 minutes walking along a no-trail way with sharp edged rocks right next to the ocean. Though its rewarding reaching the cave… and a bit scary too lol!

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