1. Auraphil

    Hi Susan and Josiah,
    I asked already Mayor Analiz about this.
    There is a project plan including the new Market that will be constructed on a reclaimed area. but the
    realization has to be made later because there are more important priority projects such as sustainable
    livelihood projects for the poor Farmers,Fisherfolks, Health Care, Trainings for unemployed Youth, etc.
    Income from Tourists will help sustain livelihood specially that of
    Manicani, Homonhon, Suluan and Victory Islands.

  2. susan,calumpiano

    what will it take to make these incredible projects become a reality? postponment of a project, just to postpone another one? that seems to be the trend lately! I can see that the “dock” is not a priority! so the islands just have to wait! huh! so whats another 10-20 years? 🙄

  3. Auraphil

    Hi Susan & Readers,
    I look at the Phil. as Paradise of the
    21st Century. Rainforest, Waterfalls,
    Rivers, Islands with white Beaches,
    the world’s center of Marine diversity,
    biggest shopping Malls offering Goods
    of all continents, and resided by young educated artistic Filipinos.
    What I mean is, we have to take
    advanage of these Resources. The Brgy. Captains of Manicani, Suluan, Homonhon and other Islands of Guiuan
    should take the initiative of bldg.
    temporary facilities, meantime. Mayor Analiz was just taking advantage of the opportunity open for
    projects that was prioritized by the
    govt. Had she not done this, the
    budget would go to other Municipalities of the Philippines. Anyway I am glad that you are also
    concerned.The Mayor and the Mun.
    Councilors are open to Suggestions.
    I suggested the construction of
    Tourism Info and Pasalubong Center,
    they found ways how to realize this.
    Please influence also your connections in Guiuan and Environs.
    Please refer to GOOGLE:
    1. Paradise Island – U Tube
    2. St. Regis Resort Bora Bora
    3. Lakas ng Trip-Camaya Coast Aquathlon, June 2010
    In the first 2, you will note the
    beautiful Resort with 90% native
    materials. Guiuan & Environs have
    plenty of these, specially Wood.
    Josiah’s Blog of Aquathlon in Bataan,
    shows a picture of Port made of Bamboo. I think, these examples can
    be made even better by the Filipinos,
    thru “Kapit Bisig”, or Funding by
    “Kuratsa” proceeds. I hope to see
    you in Guiuan someday. Unfortunately, I can not communicate
    with the locals in Waray. Pls. refer
    also to my comment of Josiah’s
    Church of Immaculate Conception. The
    Filipinos during the 16th Century
    realized the bldg. of their Church.
    I find this as an inspirtation.

    • Hi Aura,

      Thank you for caring to reply on comments of this useful post. Our family is planning to have a vacation in Leyte and interested to visit Homonhon Island. Would you know details of transporation from Guiuan to Homonhon? Is there available accommodation in the Island? or just even in Guiuan? To whom we can coordinate with regard to our visit? Thanks!

  4. Erwin Cruz

    Hi Waraynon,

    Good day

    Please continue promote the eastern Samar province to be popular in the Philippines and please those business oriented kind look and support the Eastern Samar locations.team Waraynon continue plug our beautiful places.

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