• hahaha… sinubukan kong pigilan sarili ko na hindi maligo dito pero hindi ko kinaya. sobrang inviting nung pool. kahit walang pamalit, langoy! 😀

  1. Auraphil

    I find this place incomparable with
    other Attractions. The cave along the Pacific Ocean, the accessibility to the nearest town in about 20 Minutes walk, the accessibility to Leyte Gulf in about 30 Minutes and the accessibility to the Guiuan Airport in 30 Minutes by Automobile transport.
    I visit this place almost every year
    to see the development and everytime, I swim and stay in this Lagoon at least an Hour. Aside from being healthy, you will not get bored because there are Aquarium Fishes around and everytime too, I find new Shells washed out during high tide. This place is ideal for
    all ages. Indeed, this is a World
    Class destination. However, only Visitors who are lovers of Nature, caring for clean and peaceful Environment are desired.

    • Hi Auraphil, I hope this place in Eastern Samar stays the same. I do not want it to be spoiled by introducing resorts there. The beauty of the Philippines should be enjoyed by all Filipinos whether rich or poor.

  2. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah,
    As lover of nature and Nationalist, we should realize that no Foreigner can take away our beloved Philippines. On the other hand, they bring in their money in terms of payment of Accommodation, Food, Services and in most cases they help in infrastructure projects and other investments that otherwise the Filipinos can not afford.

    As of todate, the people of Samar hold on to their Ancestral lands. However, because of helplessness, the old Folks are forced to sell their land to finance their emergency needs like payment of hospital bills.

    Like most untouched natural beauties the Residents are very, VERY POOR. Only capable Filipinos can help sustain their livelihood because it seems that all _______TIONS fail.
    EducaTION, CommunicaTION, Transporta-TION, AccommodaTION, NutriTION, MedicaTION, RecreaTION, etc.

    No Foreigner Investor will risk investing in a Resort (needs big capital Outlay) in I think the next 5 years. Tourism has a multiplier effect in job generation I believe that Eco-,Aqua-,and Agri Tourism will help without destroying the Environ-ment. How can we help them?

    I am bothered with the ff. Blogs:
    1. Salcedo Pockmarked Face of Cagaut – U Tube
    2. Flood, Menace to Education-U Tube
    3. The sinking Barangay. U Tube

    You might also be interested in:
    Samar*s Last Frontier by Nonoy Froilan, Parts 1, 2, & 3
    Samar Island Biodiversity Project.ph
    Samar Island Natural Park.ph
    Eastern Visayas Outdoor Festival.ph
    Panaon, Eastern Samar Pictures
    Kids jumping from Bangon Falls – U Tube I will push PILGRIMAGE Tours.

    Pls. Google:
    A Pilgrimage to Sulangan by Squidoo
    How about organizing “Walk or Run for a Cause”? A Cycling Tour and/or Photography Contest (Over- & Underwater)? I can organize “Seafoods and E. Samar Art of Native Lechon” Culinary Event. These can be done during “Fiesta and Foundation Day”. The Farmers and Fisherfolks can sell their produce and services.

    Best wishes also to your Readers.

    • Thanks you for the additional information Auraphil.

      You are right about the lack of TIONs. The reason why I put up this blog is for people to travel and reach the farthest places in the Philippines. When people travel they generate income and jobs for the local people. But I do hope that the owners will be local people.

      I know I cannot help all but I am sure I can help some. And those some will eventually help more. 🙂

    • Hi aurora,

      Thank you for your concern for samarenyo people. We hope we could help more people through the efforts we can.


  3. hi Josiah….
    i’m from salcedo …i just wanna say Thank You for featuring my hometown in your blog 😛 😛 😛 ….
    and can i use some of this photos? i’m a tourism student (in Tacloban) and we’re making a tour package for our marketing subject….so we chose Salcedo as our ecotourism destination…well it was my idea…i visit luksoon whenever i can,once a year/twice…kc sino pa ba magpropromote ng Salcedo?dba yung tgaSalcedo dn… BTW i agree that this place should remain undisturbed…i like it the way it is… except for the “rocky road” 😆 😆 😆 eastern samar should recognize this place as an excellent ecotourism destination…
    and have you been to Binabasalan???

    • You’re welcome Feitiao. You can use the photos as long as you don’t remove the watermark located at the lower right of the photo. Thanks for asking permission. 🙂

      It’s my first time to know about Binabasalan. Where is that? googling. 🙂

  4. HAHAxD sabi ng papa ko may baby sharks daw dun … and just recently i found out na yung mga ngpapackage ng tour sa Calicoan, sinasali nila yung Binabasalan Islet sa itinerary nila… 😯 😯 😕 😎 😆

  5. Sarah Jean Robias Bagarino

    Hi! I came to that province, and i’m really proud that you featured it here. I was really overwhelmed seeing my own province. Its really amazing in that place. It was called Locsoon where in most of my relatives would go there have a fun under the sun! it made me want to go there again…i hope i can this summer! 😛 😉

    By the way thanks for featuring my beloved province!! Jagnaya Eastern Samar!!

    Hope you discover more place in our Province..there’s a lot more to see!!

  6. Mercy Lactawan

    Good day! I also came to that province, its nice to know that someone like you featured our province. Its really awesome, seeing your pictures on our beaches and the cave where we usually play since when I was a kid. Its really brings back our childhood memory! I felt being nostalgic on that place. 😉


  7. Hi! Nice and helpful blog you got here.

    I’m planning to see this Locsoon cave and Guiuan spots this weekend. Is there a place in Salcedo where we can washup, should we decide to take a dip at the natural pool?


  8. Auraphil

    Hi Noel,
    At present, there is no Hotel or Resort in
    Salcedo. However, there is a small Resort
    in Palanas, Salcedo, Leyte Gulf side, about
    15 Minutes ride from Loksoon. It is an interesting place also with beautiful view of
    satellite Islands&Islets. If you wish to
    snorkel or dive, there are very interesting
    underwater scenes.
    Another possibility is lodging at the guestrooms
    of ESSU Salcedo Campus.
    Enjoy your travel then to Salcedo>Mercedes>
    Guiuan Peninsula.

    • Thanks Auraphil. We went to Guiuan church, the airport, and Jagnaya beach as day tour. Despite the long travel from Tacloban, we enjoyed the experience. Have written it on my blog.

      Thanks for the info on this blog. 😛

  9. Diego A. Arias

    Ok as you have seen Jagnaya beach, it will also be interesting to see Haklagan beach it is on the same strait, from Guiuan, and Haklagan is within the center, it’s belong to the municipality of Mercedes a town between Guiuan, and Salcedo.

    I assured you of its beauty, besides, it’s easy to reach, from the boundary of Mercedes, and Salcedo, Buyayawon is the name of the barrio, whereby, the entrance way or road going to haklagan. You can hire a tricycle
    going there, should you want to spent the night, it will be a lifetime experience, but desame as you mentioned you have to equip yourself with food and other things that are usually needed in this kind of adventure.

    • Thanks Diego. There are lots of interesting places in Eastern Samar. I’ll check this Haklagan too when I visit there again. The more rougher a place gets the more fun and memorable the experience will be. 🙂

  10. che

    Hello There,
    I love your blog.=)Thank you for sharing it.
    Sir Josiah pwede nyo ho ba akong matulungan..
    Im planning to go backpacking this November.. Ang ang gustong gusto kong puntahan is Biri Island in Northern Samar.. After reading your blog gusto ko na ring pumunta sa Calicoan Island and Jagnaya Beach(i love the place) which in Eastern Samar, how far is Eastern Samar to Northern Samar?.. meron ho ba kayong contact number ng pwdeng mag guide dun sa Calicoan and Jagnaya beach?.. Im a solo backpacker ho.


    lets continue sharing that spirit of adventure.

  11. dhelwin villanueva

    the locsoon is so amazing, i wish i could visit the place soon, how about the security of the place? is it free from any harmful person? even you are walking alone going to and leaving the place in the dark hours? 😛

  12. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah & Friends,
    Guiuan, 17 kms. distance from Jagnaya Beach
    Salcedo, is celebrating next week the Magellan
    Landing in Homonhon.

    This is a good opportunity to visit Southeastern
    Samar and discover the natural attractions
    and historical Sites. Contact the Dept. of Tourism, Eastern Samar.
    I hope to see and meet you. I will appreciagte
    your good Videos of the colorful Underwater of
    Pearl Island and Binabasalan Island. A
    Pilgrimage to the nearby St. Anthony de Padua
    Shrine by the Sea in Sulangan Island will
    be a memorable addition to your trip.

  13. Dana Gracielle Quirante

    I have been there a couple of times. Actually, that beach is usually called Luksoon. 😛

    • Thanks for the information Dana. I didn’t remember very well the name of the beach that’s why I named it Jagnaya Beach. hehe
      But I remember the locals that were there were saying Luksoon Cave/Beach. 🙂

  14. Auraphil

    I purposely called this Salcedo’s Jagnaya Beach and Cave to identify this because there are many Beaches in the Phil. as well as the name of Locsoon in many places. It is easier for the Visitor to locate by just looking at the Map. There are also many Hagnaya, but Salcedo Beach is only one. I hope everybody understands and Bloggers identify the Phil. places by distinguishing their importance and beauty from other destinations. This will make travel plans easier. As of today, there are so many Brochures
    about Beaches, Caves, Mountains, etc. It is very confusing specially to foreign visitors. No wonder why Boracay is most popular despite hundreds of Beaches the Phil. has to offer. Thanks !!

  15. leslie22

    We just visited Jagnaya beach (now called Yolanda beach) last week. The place is still breathtaking. I hope you will find time to visit Binabasalan Islet too. 🙂

    • Thanks Leslie. Gusto ko bumalik dito. Mahirap siya puntahan pero worth it siya. Gusto ko rin pumunta ng Binabasalan Islets din.

  16. leslie22

    By the way, your 5th photo with the rock formation, naghiwalay na yan ngaun. That’s how strong the waves are during typhoon Yolanda.

  17. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah,
    When you return to Jagnaya and wishes to see Binabasalan Island, please take the route from Palanas, Carapdapan, Camanga, Cantomoja, then Barangay Cagaut. The scenic view of the Coastal road along Leyte Gulf is worth seeing. Barangay Cagaut is very near Binabasalan Island. Kindly view
    U Tube or Google> Mangroves of Cagaut River taken 6 months after the Supertyphoon. Kindly pass share. Thanks.

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