• Ken

      Hi Josiah,

      The rate that you are posted last 2012 is still the same this year? And do you think that July 12,2018 have a slot for 5 person.
      Hopefully you will help me regarding my inquiry.


    • Thanks Dong Ho. Ako rin! nung pumuna ako sa office nila last weekend may mga dates na fully booked na ang pagpasok sa Underground River.

  1. roselovekitty


  2. Michael

    Sir thanks for sharing this information,,does it take to long for you to have your Entry Permit? pwede din bang ikaw na ang magregister sa friend mo in her behalf?(01:00pm pa kasi and dating nya kami 9:00am) thanks again….

  3. Sir, is it possible for us to contact the UR booking office and arrange a day that will be getting the permit? It’s not a tour package, though. We’ll be the ones to register for the permit the day before our said Underground River tour because it’s really economical. Besides, we don’t know anyone from there. 😐
    Do you think ticket office will be croweded around Oct? Or if UR is fullybooked already? Say Oct 24? Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  4. fannie

    Hi Ms.Elaine, I just contacted UR ofc yday and was trying to book ouselves in advance but Ms. Divine of UR ofc informed me that they couldn’t accommodate yet the October tourists as they have to fill in the September skeds. They will introduce their online booking by 1st wk Of September and all the informations will be provided, payment will be done via credit card (just hoping that they could also accommodate debit cards). We are also planning a DIY UR and Honda Bay tour so we could save our trip expenses. Btw, how many are u in a group?I was thinking if we could join in to rent a van to/fr UR or Honda Bay tour if it’s ok with u (to save also on our transpo expenses and conveniences as well), otherwise, we’ll commute via San Jose terminal. I will have my parents and my 2 kids with me. Not sure yet if my brother and his family (2 adults and 2 kids) could join us. The established rate for van rental is 3.5k, we could divide the rate per head if ever. Will be in PP by Oct 22 at 5pm and will depart on Oct 25 at 3pm. In case you are interested kindly text/call me thru 0918 3938081 or simply add me on FB (Fannie Abelido).

    To Sir Josiah many many thanks for ur detailed info…it really helps us a lot!! God bless!

  5. Hello, Ms. Fannie. Thanks for informing me about the soon to be online booking. Btw, if it’s okay with you, can I also have your email address po? πŸ™‚

  6. Kristel

    salamat sa site na ito. btw, do you think mahihirapapn kaming kumuha ng reservation this sep? sep 15 kami darating then plano namin puntahan ang UR sa 16 or 17. tingin mo? 4 adults kami with 1 toddler. thanks

  7. Lhen

    we have a tcket na for Puerto princesa.may 1-4, 2013..wat is the best itinerary? at ung underground klngn pa pla ng permit..6:55 po dting nmen jan kung skali klngn b maagang magbook sa underground

  8. New Horizon Travel

    Just some updated information.
    The Underground Booking Office doesn’t anymore allow representatives on getting your Visitor Entry Permits. So even if you do have a photocopy of your friend’s ID, and an authorization letter, they won’t allow you to get an entry permit of your friend. The only way is to book through an accredited travel agency πŸ˜€ .
    The Booking Office at Puerto Princesa City Proper has already transferred to a different address. They are already located at the ground floor of City Coliseum at Bgy. San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City. Same address on the office found on Bgy. Cabayugan, Sitio Sabang.
    Hope that helps. πŸ˜›

    • New Horizon Travel and Tours

      You are very much welcome sir Josiah. Since you just visited Tabon Cave, you can maybe visit Puerto Princesa City again if you have spare time.

  9. Robert

    Hi, my name is Robert. Me and my family would be in Puerto Princesa by the 23rd of Nov. 2012. Does booking through Travel agencies ensures of the the a slot in the Visitors Entry Permits and a reserve seat in underground tour? any recommended Travel Agencies?Pls send the rates as well.


  10. New Horizon Travel

    Hi sir Robert,

    WeÒ€ℒre glad that youÒ€ℒve decided to visit Underground River in Puerto Princesa City. Booking through Travel Agencies for packaged tours on Underground River will still depend on the Underground River Booking Office. They are the one regulating ALL visitor entry permits. So if an agency will tell you they have an assurance of getting your entry permits without asking first the main U.R. booking office, they are lying. However, if there are slots available for that date according to main U.R. booking office, you will get your entry permits thru an accredited agency.
    We are an accredited travel and tours agency here in Puerto Princesa City and Palawan.
    With due respect to Sir Josiah, (the author of this blog), you can ask him if he has any recommended agencies here in Puerto Princesa City.

    My apologies to Sir Joshua, but I do hope IÒ€ℒm giving the readers a bit of information, since Peak-Season is coming, there are high influx of tourists here in our city and the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) method may or may not be successful. Instead of going here with pocket-saving measures, it will just cause trouble and may disappoint other tourist that just arrived and finding themselves not seeing the Underground River because of first reserve, first basis policy. As I said, that is because of high influx of guests during peak season.
    Hope that helps.

    • Hi New Horizon Hotel, thanks for providing additional information. I actually agree with you, I do not encourage travels to visit the Underground River via DIY (Do-It-Yourself) as it would most likely lead to disappointment. I don’t want travelers to put an effort to get to the Underground River only to find out that they cannot visit the site as it is fully booked. But I have high hopes for the people who are maintaining the Underground River to provide a system where DIY visit to the Underground River is more accessible than it is now.

    • Fannie

      Hi Sir Josiah, I totally agree with you! DIY is such a helpful way to save a lot of bucks. Before I asked the help of my friend who owns the travel agency in PP. I personally inquired thru phone to verify detailed information on getting the UR permit also. I spoke with Ma’am Divine of UR Booking office and was told that they could no longer accept non-appearance of seeking UR permit. BUT…they do have certain allocation for Walk-in travelers but it is limited only I guess to 100 or lesser (sorry my bad..I forgot the exact count). So first come first serve basis only. URBO is located a few steps away from Kinabuch’s Restaurant.

      Let’s wait for their online booking that they will launch soon and I just hope before the year ends it will be implemented.

    • Hi Fannie, the allocation for the walk-in travellers is a great progress for the Underground River as DIY travelers has now more power to control how they would visit the Underground River. Good job URBO! I’m also waiting for their online booking as it would give the traveler/visitor of the Underground River more control on how they could visit it. Thanks for the update! πŸ˜€

  11. Fannie

    Hi Sir Josiah, thanks for your blog. It helped me a lot on planning out our itinerary as well as budget costing. We were able to visit PP last Oct 22-25. All I could say is that…It was truly amazing to be back in Palawan after a decade of my last visit. I brought along my family and rented a van for our tours in the City, Underground River and Honda Bay. I followed your advice/guide, and yeah you are probably right SOBRANG LAKI ng savings ko. We were comprised of 11 pax (7adults and 4 kids). Almost half of the PER HEAD rate of Tour agencies ang nasave ko per tour. We really did enjoy this tour so much most esp my senior citizen parents as well as the kids. We really had a blast in the UR tour at natyempuhan namin yung makulit na bangkero hehehe..feeling ko nga nasa stand up comedy bar kami while touring inside the Cave. Honda Bay Tour is another thing…super enjoy kami dito lahat though we opted for a short distance island hopping so we could have had long hours of snorkeling and swimming.

    Sir Josiah, let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your effort to help like us budgeted travelers to explore the beauty of Palawan or even the entire Philippines that we don’t need to shell out a lot of money if you have proper first hand info from someone like you who is very well experienced traveler. Thank you so so much!


    We will be back in Palawan next summer to explore El Nido and Coron…wala lang naadik lang ulit sa Palawan hehehe! Thanks po ulit!!! God bless!

    Maraming maraming salamat sa lahat!!!!

    • Maraming maraming walang anuman sa lahat Fannie! I’m glad that this blog has helped you and your relatives travels around Puerto Princesa. Good choice as El Nido and Coron has a different charm than Puerto Princesa. Keep on travelling! God bless too! πŸ™‚

  12. Fannie

    Forgot to mention that what I did for our tour is a DIY. I personally book in advance our accommodation at Big Brother House for a promo rate of 1.5k and 1k per night since we needed 2 rooms for a big group like us. I also opted to rent a van on each tour since this is I think the most practical and convenient way for a family tour.

    As for the UR Tour permits, we were able to secure it a month before our tour via accredited Tour agency where we rented our van since a friend of mine is the owner of that tour agency. Other fees such as environmental, parking, boat and misc fees were paid on site.

    For our City and Honda Bay tour, all fees were also paid on site.

  13. Reez

    Hi guys,

    Just to keep you updated. Been to Palawan last Nov.9-11,2012 and for those who want to DIY the UGR Tour, the booking office was moved to the Puerto Princesa Coliseum just 2 weeks before our flight.

    This blog has helped us a lot on our recent trip. It gave us an idea what to expect and what to do as well plus we saved a lot of money! Kaching, kaching.. hehe πŸ˜€

    We did not get a tour package of P1,500 for the UGR tour. Instead we only spent 600 since we DIY following Josiah’s steps.

    We opted to rent a van since we’re a group of 12 including 2 infants and 2 kids so it was more convenient for us and the rate was almost the same.

    We got the same experience but was able to save big!

    Thanks so much Josiah and more power to you! Keep your useful blogs coming!

    God bless! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the update Reez. I’m glad you were able to successfully visit the Underground River via DIY and saved a lot. Looks like I need to go back to Puerto Princesa to update my post. Keep on travelling! God bless too! πŸ™‚

  14. Mae

    Would you know of any agency who charge for a fee just to get a permit? Coz we already have a van, the 1500 package is too much.

    • Hi Mae, I’ve tried looking for one before. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any tour agency who sells the permit alone. I wish there was one even if they add a service fee, it would be a great service for DIY travellers.

  15. Mae

    Thanks for the reply. I called the PPuR office and It’s frustrating to know that they now require personal appearance, authorization letter is no longer allowed to get a permit and advised me to book through agency instead. Im booking for april and slots doesn’t open til one month before daw.

    We’re 19, geez how can we possible go cheaper if we book through agency.

    • Hi Norilyn, here’s the number of the Underground River Booking Office – (048) 434-2509.

      It’s actually written on the post. πŸ˜›

  16. Luis

    Hi Josiah.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of the information you’ve shared. My family and I will be going to PP this April and your site has been very very very helpful.

    To Fannie…I sent you an email and hopefully you can help me out with my request.

    What you guys are doing is a great advocay effort! Keep it up and more power! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    • Hi Luis,

      YOU’RE WELCOME, YOU’RE WELCOME, YOU’RE WELCOME. I’m glad that my blog is helping you plan your trip to Puerto Princesa. Thanks for your kind words. Keep on travelling! πŸ˜€

  17. camille

    sir,we are going to palawan this comming february and we like to go to UR where po ba kami makaka kuha ng permit mayron na po bang online booking ngayon para maka pag pa reserve na kami bago kami dumating sa palawan.

  18. Mariz

    our trip to palawan is on march 9 pa pero ngayon pa lang nag2worry na ako about sa underground river tour πŸ˜• i copied your “Puerto Princesa Do-It-Yourself 4D3N Budget and Itinerary” kapag hindi kami nakakuha ng permit sira plano ko πŸ™
    hopefully may online booking na to get permits before we go there,,, Your blogs are really helpful…i cant understand also why do they dont allow authorization pero kapg travel agency nag- process pwede,,,

  19. Paolo

    @mariz ako din tinawagan ko yung tourism office nd tagala pwd . na pag pareserve kay may authorization letter pa ,, kasi yung concern ko lng baka pag arrive mo ng puerto at kukuha ka nang permit baka fully book na..

  20. Mary

    Hi, what’s the number to the tourism office?

    The number above didn’t work for me. How do you get your authorization letter?

  21. Sheila

    Hello! I’m from Davao and i’m also planning to go to PP end of March. Interested ako sa DIY. I have a friend in El Nido who’s going to PP next week.. pwd kaya na iemail o fax ko na lng authorization letter ko? tatanggapin kaya un ng office? I’m really looking forward for this adventure and the DYI tips ni Josiah will really help me a lot! please advise nman jan.. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

  22. Jhei Em

    Hi. Pano po ba magpabook online para sa underground river tour? kasi nakascedule na punta namin ng PP sa Sept 8 2013 pero til now wala pa kaming reservation para sa underground river tour. 10 adults kami and 6 children. Sana may sumagot. thanks po!

  23. Bino

    I really really love kamote!!! Do you think i can eat it on the monkey trail? I’m afraid the monkeys might eat it πŸ˜₯

  24. JOEY


    me and my friends will be in palawan on July 6, were planning to visit the underground river. will it be advisable to go walk in on that date mentioned?? how do we go with ths? any sggestion?? thanks much πŸ˜›

  25. Angel

    Hi Guys,

    I’d like to know if my friend who is in PPC right now, would be able to get UR Permit on behalf of me & my friends? We will be travelling this coming MAy 2013.

    Appreciate your reply.


    • Hi Angel, last time I checked at their office you can’t except if your friend is going inside with you to UR. But you can try if you want. Let us know of the results.

    • Hi Bino, yes you can eat kamote on the monkey trail but it’s a risk since the monkey’s are now aggressive in getting food from hikers.

  26. deng

    Hi!…sa DIY honda bay tour sir…pgrent nio ng boat mksama na ba yn life vest ngagamit don …i want to be sure …will be at pp on dec.26 …tnx!!!…

  27. Dianne Grace

    i am a local tourist and i am planning to have a d.i.y UR tour this coming sept. 14, 2013. D ako mka access sa online booking and registration pra sa permit ng UR, balak kung sa mismong araw nlang ng trip ako kkuha.. possible kaya akong makakuha if sunday morning ako kkuha and sunday afternoon kami magttour or do i need to get my permit a day before may trip… gahol na kasi sa oras e… need ur reply thanks!

    • Hi Dianne,

      I think it’s possible to get your Underground River Permit on the day of the tour itself. But I suggest you get your permit a day ahead before your desired visit to the Underground River. But please also be ready if ever the Underground River is fully booked on your desired date.

  28. Wigel

    I read some experiences from other travelers that booking to PPUR should be done at least a month before. Doing a walk-in would be very risky.

  29. hello πŸ™‚ i just wanna ask kung iLang days po before ma release ‘ung permit .. pumunta ako sa office nila ng feb.24 , kelan ko po pwede mkuha ung permit ?

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  30. Danica Danielle

    Hello πŸ™‚ i would just like to inquire about securing permits to the Office. if ever we will go directly to the office and get permits, do we still have to book with travel agencies for the UR access or it is fine enough? It’s a bit confusing whether it is needed to secure both permit from the office and UG tour packages from any of the travel agencies. Hope that you will able to help me. πŸ™‚ Our flight will be on May 2014. Thank you very much in advance! Γ’β„’Β₯

  31. Hi,

    How do we book for UGR online? We’ll travel to PP on August 9-12, 2014 and we’re planning to visit the UGR on August 11.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Have a great day everyone!

    ~ Dee

  32. Cathy

    We would like to do DIY UR tour Feb 1. We could get walkin permits Jan 29 in PP. Do you know if 2015 prices same or have increased since your 2012 posts? 150+250 for foreigner? also 700 for boat? only 2 of us ….

    • Josiah

      Hi Cathy, last time I checked they still had the same prices. I checked last week. I’m not sure though if there would be changes before you arrive.

    • Pwede po same day. Pwede rin po days in advance. Better po kung kumuha kayo days in advance maslalo ngayon na madalas fully booked na ang Underground River mga a week before pa.



  34. Febb

    Hello po Josiah,

    Is it okay po if you can give me a step by step procedure on how to do a DIY UR tour?

    Our arrival time is 12pm 17th of Feb and we would like to visit the UR the next day which is 18th of Feb because we are staying in sabang beach just for 1 day. Is it possible po if I call them a few weeks before to secure a booking and permit? Or do I have to get there in person to secure it? Thank you in advance po. πŸ™‚

  35. Perl

    Hello po. Is it possible if I can make a reservation online or kelangan ko talaga pumunta sa address for reservation? Thanks po sa reply.

    • Opo. Kailangan po ninyo pumunta sa Coliseum para po makakuha ng UR Permit unless magbook po kayo sa mga travel agency ng Underground River Tour, pwede po in advance. Kaya po highly adviced ko po na magbook kayo sa travel agencies dahil pwede sila magbook in advance.

  36. Sam

    Hi @josiah may teambuilding kasi kame sa darating na weekend. then mauuna kasi akong dumating sa airport pwede ba na ako na ang kumuha nang permit for them??? Thank you so much hope for your response.

  37. Ben

    Hello. We went there this June and the office is closed at 11 am. That was a Saturday. (11 to 1 daw ang lunch break nila).

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