1. loui-Ante

    hey there!.. this site is been a very helpful for me.. i never know how to get to 😆 clark airport until i visit this site..tnx tnx tnx!

  2. Marky

    Hi. There’s no bus route specifically designated as “Dau” in the Philtranco website. What bus should I take?

  3. maco

    thanks for this site…very helpful indeed!!!
    i have a flight @ 12pm… what bus schedule do i have to take to be in time for check- in which is 2 -3 hrs. before departure?
    wld it be better to take the pasay instead of megamall terminal…bec. the bus might be full (10 persons) when it reaches megamall?
    don’t the have an earlier schedule?
    tnx again!!! more power to your site… 😀

    • Thanks Maco. I think it’s best that you take the bus from Pasay around 7AM. If that’s too early for you then you may opt to take the alternative route. 🙂

  4. ARSIE

    hi there i’ve tried it one time so funny co’z the bus almost leave me..i just wanna know co’z my sister is going to clark on friday oct.28,2011
    her flight departure is 12:05pm
    what time is the best for her to go to pasay or to meagamall? is the time table on the time schedule that you’ve post are they updated?my sister is coming from taguig near at market market it is along c-5 road is the schedules are for sure?thanks alot your site is awesome it really helps alot of people…

  5. Belle Gonzalez

    we are going to dmia on jan 13, 2012. we have an early flight (7:05am) for hongkong. since philtranco doesn’t have an early trip, we are taking victory liner going to baguio and then go down to dau bus terminal to take the aircon jeep to the airport. but i don’t know if they still have an early trip (4am) going to the airport. can somebody please advise me if there is still that early trip to the airport. please reply asap.

    • Vince

      Hi Belle,

      How was your Hongkong trip? We’re going to HK this Jan 21 and the flight schedule is 6:20 AM. I would like to know if you were able to catch the 4am aircon jeep from Dau, and if not what transpo did you avail and how much? Thanks!

  6. caspar123

    Update March 2012 by caspar123 :

    Arriving at Dau Bus Terminal, the green-white multivan buses can be found right outside the terminal by the main road, each one at a time. You are being charged 100Peso when going to the airport and the van won’t start off till
    there are 5 passengers on it.You’ll be dropped right by the departure hall entry.

    When arriving at the airport flying in from anywhere, the same multivan will charge you 50Peso and probably have at least 10 passengers. It will take you right down to town, having 2 stop-overs at SM City Clark/Dau and at Jollibee’s, then proceed to the Dau Bus Terminal and drop you there.
    At the terminal you can take any of the many regular buses ( Victory Liner, Five Star, Phillipine Rabbit, Fermina Liners and more ) which leave every 15min. or so to Manila, air-conned for 150Peso or also regular, connecting
    you within 2 hours to Manila-North, to Cubao and also to Pasay which is near the Manila International and Domestic Airport. The Pasay destination is also convenient for those who want to stay somewhere in Makati or Malate.-

    Those PhilTranco buses connecting directly from the airport down to Manila/ SM Mall Of Asia at the very land’s end of EDSA Main Road are meanwhile charging 400 Peso per head.

    This kind of shuttle service was working smoothly in March 2012.

    • Dhang

      We have a flight to macau at 7pm. Are the multivan buses available 24 hrs? How many hrs will it take us to reach Dau from Victory Liner Terminal in Monumento, Caloocan? Thank you!

  7. Yvette

    Hi Caspar123 is the multivan buses available 24 hrs? I have a 6:05 AM early flight as well. Thanks heaps!

  8. John

    Hi All. Glad i’ve googled this site. First time to go to CLARK Airport. Can somebody help me how to reach there? I’ll be coming from SM Pamapanga. I wonder if there are buses or jeeps there going to DAU Terminal then to CLARK airport.

    Thank you.

  9. kimmy Dora

    Nag Allow ba mag park ang clark airport to leave the car while the owner is out of the country for a couple of days? if yes how much they charging per day? Please help us for the feedback! thanks 😛

  10. Chadel Kareen Jane Lao

    What time is the 1st schedule from Manila to Clark? We have a flight to catch at 12nn this July 10, 2013 to Singapore.

  11. lyn

    hi my flight to sg is at 6am. i plan to take a bus ride to dau at 2am. i will be arriving in dau around 4:20am. will there be jeepneys (aircon or not) that goes to the airport at that time?

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