1. bdth

    We had a tour of romblon- boat ride from caticlan port to carabao island, boat ride from carabao island to sta. fe port (tablas island), jeepney ride to looc then to san agustin port, boat ride from san agustin port (tables island) to romblon, romblon. roro ride from romblon to magdiwang port (sibuyan island).

    Question. If you are going to look at the map of romblon and sibuyan, what is the route of the boat from romblon to sibuyan, is it clockwise or counterclockwise direction? i am preparing the route of our travel and i forgot to ask the boat personnels about it.

    thank you.

  2. Grace

    Your blog is very informative. Thanks a lot, this will be a big help for us as we decided to spend our honeymoon in Boracay-romblon. ❤ More travel blogs and God bless!

    • Thanks Grace! I’m glad that my blog is helping you.
      I would suggest that you check-out the Boracay – Carabao Island – Tablas Island route.
      I believe there’s a nice resort built somewhere in Tablas Island near the turtle sanctuary. I’ve read it in some blogs but keep forgetting the name.
      Enjoy your honeymoon!

  3. Mechaela Gonzales

    Hi do i need to be at least hours before the scheduled trip if im riding roro or pumpboat from san agustin to romblon, romblon and v.v.? Thanks!

    • Hi Mechaela, not really. But that would be better if you are already at the port an hour or two before your scheduled trips. But in our case we did not have to wait at the pier hour before. We usually go there or arrive there and wait a little to board the boat.

      I’m not sure if its the same now.

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