1. Ralph

    Hi Josiah,

    Thanks for posting this! Your website is really a big help for me.

    Btw, would you know where can i get Korina’s Mansion contact numbers?

    And what would you suggest:
    – Alaminos(Day 1) then Bolinao(Day 2) or vice versa?

    Thanks! 😛

  2. Gerry

    Hi Josiah,

    Do you have the complete address of Korina’s Mansion or link for their website?

    Btw, thanks for this! Very helpful. 🙂

    • Hi Gerry,

      I don’t have their complete address nor their website. But they are located a walking distance from Lucap Wharf where you can ride a boat to tour you on the islands.

      You’re welcome Gerry. I’m glad that this blog is helping you. 🙂

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