• ey Pinoy Adventurista, if you happen to read the whole blog post the tramline is strictly NOT for people. They are maintaining it as an Agricultural Tramline where only the land produce will be transported from one mountain to the other.

  1. amihan

    I hope there are also tramlines that can be used to transport people for emergency cases, in that way, we can get away with the ambulansya de paa that I saw once in Batad, Banaue.

    • I think for emergency cases pwede na gamitin yung agricultural tramline para itransport yung mga injured and accompanying na tao. Hopefully magawan na rin nila ng ganito ang Batad.

  2. this is what ive been wishing when I went to batad, sana may giant slide o cable ride from tappiya falls to town. haha easy di ba?
    too bad pang gamit lang pala yan, bawal sa tao. tama din naman, mawawala beauty ng place kung effortless na yan puntahan.

    • I agree! The most beautiful places I’ve been are the places that are hard to go to and those that are kept away from “development”.

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