1. Alex

    Hi! I’ve been a constant follower of your Lakas ng Trip posts for years now and I find them very informative.

    How are the road conditions in Banaue to Batad, Batad to Hungduan? Is it ok to bring your own vehicle or just leave it parked safely in Banaue?

    Kindly cc my email address for your reply. Many thanks.

    • Hi Alex, thank you for following my posts. 🙂

      You can bring your own vehicle if you’re traveling from Banaue, Batad and Hungduan as the roads are already concreted. But I’m not sure if there’s a safe parking area you can leave your vehicle in Batad or Hungduan. In Banaue you can stay at Banaue Hotel and leave your vehicle there. But I’m not sure if they would allow it as I have not tried it.

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