1. wow nice compilation!

    we stayed at tribal before and we were 15 in a group and took a hut for the bathroom, we pitched tents instead… they have a separate fee for tents 🙂

  2. Jen

    thanks for all your posts Josiah! most helpful and informative guide to palawan I found online. laking tulong esp for me arranging everything long-distance. Good Luck on your project. I really appreciate what you’re doing here in your blog 🙂

  3. Josiah,

    I really appreciate your website blogs. However, I may have missed a couple of steps and would love for you to email me with clarification. If I understand it all correctly, if I want the underground river tour and want to spend a couple of days in Palawan, I should:

    1. Leave the airport and head for the PPUR Office at the City Coliseum. Get a permit for the day I want to tour the underground river.

    2. Get transportation to Sabang and stay there. Is there a reason you are not recommending staying in Puerto Princesa? Where is Sabang in comparison to Puerto Princesa?

    3. Make arrangements before arrival from the airport, to secure a seat on a van.

    Does that sound close to what you are recommending?

  4. Danah

    Hi, Josiah, thank you for doing this 🙂 It’s indispensable,esp for people like us who bought plane tickets when they were on sale and promptly forgot 🙁 about them in the mad rush of daily living. We’ll be leaving in 3 days and we still don’t have anything planned or reserved. Your well-researched Palawan series is a great help, esp the contact details. Thank you very much. 😀

  5. Erin

    Disclaimer for TRIBAL beach resort… We had the worst experience under the person named “edwin magbanua” he asked for a deposit and wen we arrived at their place he said that he did not receive any. Moreover, their generator is so palpak to the point that while we’re taking showers the lights will shut down and it is total darkness

  6. Emmanuel David

    Sir, flight ko sa april 2015. Ako lang po mag-isa. Gusto ko lang po talaga pumunta ng underground river, after nun gusto ko nalang mag-ikot sa Sabang. Ano po ung pwede kong puntahan pa na mga spots? At ilang oras po puerto to sabang and sabang to puerto? Marami pong salamat…

  7. Paul

    Hi Josiah, enjoyed your blog on Sabang. I’ve been there before and enjoyed it heaps.
    I’m going back there in January ’15 for a mates wedding. I’m taking my 20+ something daughter with me. She’s a backpacker, I’m not. Have you any suggestions on suitable accomodation, I’m not rich. Would you have direct contact details of your suggestions.
    Thanks Mate,

  8. Alma tadeo

    Can you recommend na matutuluyan sa sabang cheaper but a nice place. We are four all girls. We will be thier on feb. 22 – 26 sana matulungan mo kami. Thanks in advantage.

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