• I’ve been to Timoga a lot of times. More than my hands and feet could count. πŸ™‚

      I saw the signs to the caves but did not have the resources to pursue. Maybe on my return to Iligan City I’ll try going to the caves. πŸ™‚

  1. Ching Saavedra

    Try also the 38 tiers of Secretfalls and 1 tier of lumbatin falls and d crystal cave . Also the tiers of Hindang Falls and their caves

    • Thank for the suggestions Ching. I shall try to look for what you suggested and try them on my next visit to Iligan City.

  2. Anne Go

    I personally liked the grilled chicken at Tita Fannie’s rather than at Epay’s Chicken. I find their chicken kind of bland. Just a suggestion.

    • Thanks Anne for your suggestion! I like Tita Fannie’s grilled chicken too but the difference really lies on where I grew up, Manila. The flavor of Tita Fannie’s is really good but somehow it’s taste is similar to what I am used to. But with Epay’s Chicken it has a distinct taste that I do not find in Manila, that’s why I like it. πŸ™‚

      Preference is really subjective from person to person, so I respect that other people may have a different opinion than mine. πŸ™‚

  3. Chona Namiki

    Thanks a lot for your blog, Josiah. It’s very informative and I really do appreciated it. The next time I visit Iligan, I will try all those stuff you mentioned here. Can’t wait. Thank again:-)

    • Christine

      Try also the house specialty of “dear manok restaurant ” their grilled chicken tasted so delicious compared to all grilled chicken I’ve tasted..☺️

    • I agree! Everytime we go to Iligan City we do not miss to eat at Dear Manok Restaurant. Their Grilled Chicken is really delicious. Plus they now serve unlimited rice. ^_^

  4. Marivy Constantino

    Planning to visit Iligan this Oct…where is the cheap place to stay since galing ako ng Camiguin..thanks!!!

    • Hi Belle, sorry, I have no information on travel to Iligan by boat. Though I have done it before, but I do not remember the details.

  5. Amman

    Now I’m inlove with Iligan City. Falls chaser here, HAHAHA! Can I get your sample ite please sir Josiah? I would appreciate if you can. Thanks for this very fresh and cool approach of blogging, I’m just starting to read your blogs. This is a great help especially to a solo adventurer like me. Just a silly question, are Iliganons hospitable (no offense, I don’t know their culture is. Please dont be mad at me). Maybe they will be mad at me, will be taking shots there for my IG posts kasi baka di sila ganon ka open for camera. Thanks!

    • Hi Amman, no problem on the question. Yes. Iliganons are hospitable. πŸ™‚
      I have yet to make a sample itinerary as I stayed there for 20 days, most of the time I was only staying inside the room working. But I’ll draft an itinerary soon.

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