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  1. Rene Hoertner

    We have been travelling in Southeast Asia for 6 months now, using buses, ferries, trains and vans, and we know that it can be dangerous and accidents can happen. But nevertheless we want to share the unfortunate experience we had with LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan, Philippines). We want travellers to know how LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) acts (not reacts) in the event of an accident.

    On the 16th of May, travelling between Puerto Princesa and El Nido (Palawan, Phillipines) we had an accident while travelling in a LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) van because of the high speed and inattention of the LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) driver.

    Accidents can happen!

    However, after the accident the LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) driver didn’t ask after any passenger’s well-being, nor were there any apologies. The LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) driver’s efforts were only focused on getting the van back on the road again. We had to organize our own transport to the hospital because the LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) driver would not call an ambulance for us.

    Two hours later (after being seen at the hospital) we met the same LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) driver at Tatays bus terminal. He now had 8 new passengers in the same LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) van – the damaged van didn’t see a mechanic for sure! The only thing the LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) driver did was, as he did right after the accident, laugh at us!!!

    In El Nido we got in contact with one of the LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) Managers. The LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) Manager offered us a refund for not going to the police, which we refused.

    After visiting the police station we called the owner of LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) and sent him details and photos of the accident.

    There was no reaction, not even an apology, even from the LEXUS SHUTTLE SERVICES (Palawan) Owner.

    Unfortunately I had to call short my trip in the Philippines due to neck injuries I sustained during the accident. I had to fly to Bangkok to see a spinal specialist and I am now recovering in Thailand. Please take note of my experiences and think twice about travelling with this company in Palawan.

  2. Nicolas

    We took the lexus shuttle today, from puerto princesa to el nido and we had a lot of contrarieties..
    We did not have an accident, thanks jesus but the driver was driving so fast, taking curves on the other side of the road, i think we were over the 90KPH maximum speed allowed..
    We felt the bumps on the road as if he was driving a rally. In fact we were not in a hurry, sometimes he just stopped in the middle of the road to pee. Because i have back problems, this was not the nice 6hours trip to go to the nice resort for nice holidays.. 😕
    We felt not safe, not comfortable, and when he opened the back door our luggage falled down but no apologies.. 👿
    We already experienced fast bus drivers in Asia and in the Philippines and we know sometime there are crazy bus drivers but this driver lexus shuttle was bad. We should report this kind of driver. Driving so fast so risky to save only a few minutes… useless.
    But there is not so much companies doing the transfer between puerto princesa and el nido so maybe the best thing to do is to arrive in el nido airport and not taking the 6hours bus..
    good luck all

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