1. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah,
    Good Pictures. Notice the outside & inside walls? Here, you can see the building materials used. During my 2nd visit, I examined curiously the bldg. materials because I was impressed with the old church. The Friars sacrificed teaching, illustrating the early Filipinos how the church would look like.
    Where they got and how they transported, thinking that Guiuan is almost surrounded by Water (Pacific Coastline and Leyte Gulf) and Rainforest. Remember that there were no Roads and Ports. To my surprise, they were built with hard stone and branching CORALS, and Hard wood. Most of the Ornaments are SHELLS. The Tiles (blue & white)were brought probably from Europe because I saw some old bldgs.in Spain, Netherlands & others with same kind of Tiles.
    If you will take pictures also of the
    side Altars (left & right) they are
    also very interesting. Same with the
    very old Figures of the Saints.
    Here’s a U Tube Blog for a closer
    look of the main Altar:
    Google: Guiuan, Eastern Samar Holiday 2006 by Carlique (part 2 )

    The church was also used as Hospital
    during the WWII and refuge center
    of the poor people in times of strong Typhoons, per info of old Folks I

    Filipino Architects and Engineers today can learn a lot from the Priests who led the early Filipino Fisherfolks and Farmers during the 16th century.
    The Politicians and Priests too!!
    How they were able to lead, bldg. this without equipt.,and working
    tools, labored by uneducated Followers. I respect and admire them

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