1. Heartwarming. Sometimes, we take for granted things that other people value so much. This is especially for people who rarely see photos of themselves.

    • True! We have so much abundance of photos that we already have an appreciation gap between us who can easily access and create photos to the people who can’t.

  2. agree with Astrid very heartwarming and it was a very kind act.

    I could just imagine those folks asking tourists who took their pics and agreed to give them a copy tapos they end up waiting for nothing pala. Probably they don’t even own a camera kaya very important yung photos to them.

    Malamang masaya at nakangiti si Lawin pag masilayan na nya pic nya. =) praying you’ll be able to send the 3 more pics!

  3. I love this post! I’m sorry to say that I’ve also been lazy with most of the promises I’ve made to give people copies of their photos, but I know that the times I did, the people really appreciated it. Just got inspired by your post. I think I’ll make more of an effort to do this now. 🙂

  4. this is heartwarming! I also took a trip to Mt. Polis and the parents of a baby wanted me to take their photo. As a tour guide I always come back every 2 weeks, but I didn’t bother to bring the photo. Lesson learned. And next time I will bring a polaroid camera with automatic printer! Para instant photos kagad, haha. 😛

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