1. If given a choice between Ka Lui and Badjao, I will definitely go with Ka Lui. Our Van driver said that the Mayor of Puerto Princessa usually brings his Guests to either Ka Lui or Badjao.

  2. Josiah

    @Chyng Enjoy your trip to Puerto Princesa Next year. 😉

    @PinoyByahero Any of the two are good choices. But if I rate both restaurants on uniqueness, I’d go for Kalui. Even their CR has some interesting paintings. 🙂

  3. fairdora

    i just came from a trip to puerto princesa. I texted Kaluis for reservation 2 weeks prior to our trip. made a follow-up text a week before coming to Puerto Princesa and when we arrived made a phone call to confirm our reservation, only to be informed that no reservation was made from my end. I was so frustrated by the person who got my call, never even bothered to offer other ways. Kalui’s food might be good. but the service and how their staff treat potential guests have to be improved.

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