1. This is very helpful. I visited pp last year and signed up for packaged tour. we’re going back this year and I think we’re going DIY. Thanks for the tips and detailed info.

    • Hi Odie, the permit to the Underground River that costs 175 Pesos per person for Filipinos already covers the paddle boat tour.

  2. alanna

    just out of curiosity,
    why is it that the filipino and foreigner permit rates are different?
    my bf wasnt very well pleased when we read ur blog 😀

    • Good question Alanna. I’ve been trying to answer that question for years and I still do not have the answer. Maybe we should try asking the people responsible directly.

  3. Hello there! Thanks so much for this very reliable information. I now know what the permit is and so paddle boat and monkey trail are for. Btw, Sir, does the registration to the Paddle Boat Tour requires additional payment or what? And in your opinion, is it okay to do Monkey Trail if I’ll be with my folks? Like ages from 40-60? I’ve read it’s try, but I’m also afraid if the trail is steep and risky.

  4. jack

    so how much does the whole underground river experience really cost for 8 people taking the ferry to the entrance of the river?

  5. Joven

    I will be traveling in palawan for 5 days and four nights. However, during the duration of my stay i booked it in a hotel in puerto princesa proper. With your post, i wanted to experience Mangrove Paddle Boat tour and Ugong Rock caving and Zipline. Do I really need to stay in Sabang for that or it can be accommodated in a one day tour? I have my reservation as well with underground river.

    your immediate advice and reply is very much appreciated.


    • Hi Joven, you can do the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour, Ugong Rock Caving and Zipline including the Underground River in a single day given that you have the freedom of time and quick feet to go to one place to another. But I highly advise that you stay in Sabang for a slower travel to enjoy the sites more.

  6. maia

    But anyway I am also looking forward to the online booking system that will be up and running soon by January 2013. Thanks!

    • Me too! I’m excited for their online booking system. I hope this gives equality for the DIY travelers from the tour operators that does tours to the Underground River.

  7. Chris

    Hi Josiah.

    I’ll be in P.princesa Mar.10 night to Mar.13 afternoon. Is it possible if I will try my luck on the 11th morning to register for the following day’s underground river tour. Will I be able to get a permit?

    Thank you very much. Such a helpful blog.

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes it is possible for you to try your luck for the 11th, but I’m not the PPUR Office and they are the only ones who can tell someone or a group whether the booking is full. So I’m not sure whether you will get a permit or not. But I do hope so.

  8. maja

    Hi, can i ask youmhow much all the cost when u go po in underground river all in.?
    It is possible po n mkapag mangrove paddle boat muna kami bfore mg undergroundriver nd go back to hotel n need nming umalik sa sabang port pbalik

    • Hi Maja, I think you could get all the information you need if you read the posts that I made. But better if you also check-out other blogs as the data of this post were from 2012, they may be outdated.

  9. jonah

    Hi!!!super helpful netong blog mo…tanong q lng…2 lng kasi kaming pupunta ng puerto prinsesa mas makakamura ba kami pag nag DIY kami s underground river? Or dun s package?

    • Hi Jonah, thank you! Opo, masmakakatipid po kayo kung DIY, pero hindi ko po inaadvice na magDIY po kayo for the Underground River dahil mabilis po magka-ubusan ng permit. Kapag naubusan na po kayo ng permit hindi na po kayo pwede pumasok ng Underground River.

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