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  1. Auraphil

    Hi !
    This is an interesting Blog, because
    the Marine Biodiversity of Palawan
    is shown. Is the blue spotted sting
    Ray not a protected Specie?
    Like you, I enjoy visiting the Market of an Island destination, in addition to their Church and Cemetery. Seeing all these tells already the culture of the residents and their special Products.
    The Fishes shown are similar to that I saw in Guiuan market except for the
    Catfish. But there are more interesting and colorful Riff Fishes
    I saw. They have different “Catch”
    offered in the morning and late
    afternoon and again different depending upon the weather and stage
    of the Moon.
    I enjoyed visiting the market everyday except for the bad Odor and sometimes filthy way. Because of this, I just look around
    fast then leave without taking
    pictures. Please do when you visit
    Guiuan again. What the heck I did
    there? I bought different kinds of Suman, cooked Budigon, Kamote, Saging, Cassava” which I ate at the afternoon Coffee. Thanks for sharing.

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