1. Got goosebumps reading this entry because of the customer service as well as safety. Makes me want to ride a Victory Liner bus just to experience this situation! — sensya na, affected talaga ako basta customer service ang pinag-uusapan. hehe

  2. I spent a 10h bus ride from Manila to Daet sitting in between the bus driver and the conductor. The seats were full, I couldn’t sleep because there was no headrest so I spent the whole time chatting with the driver. He was worried about us 2 girls spending the night on Calaguas, how sweet. It was the greatest bus ride ever.

    • Buti ka pa 10 hours. I only got almost an hour to get to know the driver and the conductor. Sayang, ang dami pa naman nilang kwento tungkol sa mga biyahe nila.

  3. I can relate to this one. This is really true when I was assigned one time in San Jose, Nueva Ecija and took Victoria Liner to Cabanatuan City. They are friendly and courteous. The service is guaranteed ok. At may maliit na ref pa sa may tabi if you like to have some softdrinks. That time, I’m just purely a traveler and hindi pa blogger…hindi ko tuloy na isulat ang experience kong yon. Malay natin, makabalik, at least may updates din. Thanks Josiah.

    • I didn’t know they had a ref. Minsan nga masubukan bumili sa conductor out of the blue. Thanks also for the additional info Bonzenti. 🙂

  4. I always go for Victory kaso mejo my kamahalan compared sa iba. pero maganda nga service nila. good to know yung alarm system nila kapag nag-exceed ng 100 kms/hr para maiwasan nga naman ang aksidente. at natuwa ako sa last pic, now ko lng nalaman na ang Microtel Baguio pala ay nasa likod lng ng Victory, d ko xa napansin date. haha

    • just got back from a Baguio trip. sa picture ko lang din nalaman na ang microtel ay nasa likod ng Victory. Nakita ko na siya sa personal at ang laki ng karatula. 😛

  5. All bus companies should practice the same strict safety measures. It’s disheartening to hear about bus accidents. Imagine dying on the way to a supposedly relaxing holiday, or worse on the way home to see family. 😥

  6. april

    ako din, nasubukan ko na sumakay sa victory liner, malinis sa bus at komportable, malayong malayo sa genesis bus na byaheng baler at casiguran, sira sira na yung bus, kadumi pa, kadalas ko pa naman pumunta sa baler dati, pero mas ok na yung genesis kaysa sa d’liner.

  7. Auraphil

    Hi Josiah,
    Travelling by Bus to the countryside
    is very enjoyable. For me, I prefer
    this than travelling by even the most
    modern Cars or Vans because I enjoy
    seeing the landscapes, the Filipinos
    and their wey of life, except that I
    hate the unsanitary Toilets during stops.
    I took the Victory Liner travelling
    many times to Bataan, Baguio,Pampanga, Pangasinan, etc. I found it very interesting to observe how the Conductors collect the Fares and took note of the Passengers. They asked
    first the Passengers where their
    destinations (perhaps taking note
    when the Seats will be vacated for them to pick up new Passengers on the
    way or at stops), then they started
    collecting, folding the bills between
    their fingers. Collect the fare, give the Receipt/Ticket but first
    punching holes fast depending upon
    the amount paid. If he can not give the change to a Paper Bill, he will
    tell the Passenger that he will return the change later. Then he
    continue to collect up to the last
    Passenger. Only after he had collected from everybody, he returns
    to the Passengers giving them their
    exact change. Considering that there are more than 30 Passengers with different destinations, I find the Conductors very intelligent. He
    even stops during collections when
    the Bus stops to assist a Passenger who wish to alight.
    My husband was very much amused with
    this. Travelling by regular Buses to
    the countryside is already a privelege because you pay very very cheap compared to the Tourist Buses
    or chartered Car.
    By the way, I was never bored because
    I ate boiled Peanuts (sold at Stops) whenever there was no interesting to see outside.
    Travelling however to Naga and Legaspi is more interesting by Rail.
    Then I could see the landscapes and
    stand or walk a little when tired.
    Thanks for sharing, I hope your
    Readers will appreciate also the
    little things/Filipino way of life and beautiful environment along their ways!!!

  8. Justice seeker

    This may be true, but the painful truth remains that there are more reckless and greedy drivers who don’t give a rat’s ass about the safety of their passengers than there are careful ones…

    August 23, 2012 – Raymond Senera, 22 year old fresh college graduate was driving a motorcycle on his way to his way to his girlfiend’s house met his untimely death because of an incompetent driver from Victory liner. Raymond was in Calaylayan Abucay and a bus stopped short just in front of him to take passengers, the victim has decided to overtake the bus in front of him when the driver of a Victory Liner bus from behind him drove off in a frantic attempt to acquire passengers. The bus bumped his motorcycle as it went past him, causing the motorcycle to swerve off track and Raymond got run over by the bus’ 2 massive rear tires. He suffered a broken pelvis, as well as damages to his ribs and spinal column. He was rushed to ICMC hospital and lost his life around 6 PM due to cardiac arrest in connection to the injuries he acquired.

    His family and friends will forever mourn his tragic fate, and as of today are seeking justice. Victory Liner operations should be suspended, licenses revoked if possible. More lives will be lost if these money hungry and careless drivers would be allowed to continue driving without proper training.

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