1. ren

    paano nga pala kung Solo lang ako tapos pupunta ako ng sandbar… 1,500 for 4 pax… meron bang minimun fare dun for solo backpacker?

    • I’ve tried asking sa Tourism Office nila kung paano yung mga solo travellers. Unfortunately, Concepcion, Iloilo is not solo traveller friendly.

  2. sheng

    hi! josiah, ask ko lng if secure and safe naman yung place? kc were planning to go there this march were all girls kasi e thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sheng, generally safe naman ang place. Mag-asawa yung nagmamanage ng Sandbar.

      Yung isang kwento sa akin ni Kuya Sonny, may isang beses daw mag-isang babaeng foreigner ang nagstay dun.

      But always take proper precaution.

      Enjoy kayo sa Sandbar. 🙂

  3. disapponted

    The place is lovely, as in super beautiful, the problem is the owner is mukhang pera and impolite… so low daw ang pictorial fee na 500 (actually the agreed price before we went there was 300 pesos) .. it got me thinking what is really their rate???!!!!!!! and with an additional comment of — makabayad gani kami kwatro mil sa video (we can actually pay for 4ok for the video) with this statement i conclude the impoliteness and being money hungry. and we had our reservation since the middle of april, yet when we arrived there we have no place to stay in, but we agreed to stay in much higher rate cottage as well as agreed to transfer to another if the occupants will leave, whats important is that we can change and start immediately the make-up and prenup pics.. then came the money hungry old man owner of the island, saying that we cant stay there because they have guests arriving and have reservation?! we answered that we agree to transfer if the other occupants scheduled for check out is out na.. daw d pa sya magsugot.. i said whats wrong with him, that we’ve already finalize everything with the tourism and yet here he (owner) comes and doesn’t want us to stay anywhere? what does he expect the bride to change clothes in the middle of the sea? so impolite and muney hungry… i was so disappointed because I’ve been there many times even before wen it wasn’t still develop, times when it was still a bare island. doesn’t the owner realized that with prenups the island will be promoted, especially because the videographer has a website to show their finished products. hopefully the management realize their mistake, and will not fall hard on the floor even without rising that high in the tourism industry.. sayang ang place, maganda pa naman

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience in the island. I know prenups should be done with a smile and it’s hard to smile when you’re having a bad day.

      During my talk with the owner he always has problems with the scheduling of reservation when people reserves with the tourism office of Concepcion. So it is better to reserve with the owner himself.

      As for the his comment regarding the payment with the videographer and the pictorial fee, I think it was rude, inappropriate and should be changed on how the problem was approached.

      Also I think the management should create a standard price for videos and pictorials in the island so as not to make a confusion in the prices.

      I’ll forward your comment to the management so they could improve their services. Thanks.

  4. disappointed

    actually we had finalyze it with her relative I dont know if pamangkin nya basta reltive, and she was explaining everything that we’ve agreed with. Yet the owner wont listen and kept arguing, there problem is sa ila mismo.. communication is very important and a list of fees should be done so that no clients will be stressed out and disturbed. I believe that they should have a fixed price to their so called pictorial fee because i observed that the beach is getting polluted na rin, lots of algae and garbage floating around the seashore ( gamay lang man) pro nami gyapon a. Great supporter ko ya sang western visayas tourism e. lawlaw gd ya. as in. pang day tour or picnic lang ang place and for overnight? a big no.. kay basi mag overnight makasala kapa, kay mapatay mo owner… hahahahaha 😈

    if i can turn back time MARBUENA nalang sana yung ginawang venue for the prenup.. maybe the owner is more accomodating and not rude —-
    given the fact pa na relative sya sang tito ko who lives in concepcion, nga naghelp pagtransact sang accomodations namon sa tourism and girl relative nya who works in sandbar.

  5. bhabez

    hi…josiah..my husband and i9 is planning to celebrate our 4th year anniversary…what can you suggest for us,..so that when we arrive in concepcion evrything is already fixed..because we don;t want hastle..ive been there already two years ago but we have travel coordinator…this time only me and my husband..

    • Hi Bhabez,

      My advise when visiting the Sand Bar Island Beach Resort is to coordinate your reservation directly to the resort owner as problems occur when reservations are done with other parties, this is according to the owner. The resort also has boats that could fetch you and tour you around.

      Enjoy your travel to Concepcion with your husband. 🙂

  6. bhabez

    hi josh!!!i think renting a boat is expensive for a fact that only me and my husband..is there any advice you can give us..to have cheaper and easier way to reach..sandbar…because time is short so that we can settle everything

  7. I’ve been here and I think Agho is better than Bolobadiangan if not for these accommodation cottages. Plus some sides of the sand bar beach is dirty with plastics and wrappers. ‘Hope they clean this because it has a scenic sandbar.

  8. Blue Ember

    .. This place is really awesome. My friends and I are planning to go out of town for vacation. And now I know where are we going to spend our vacation. Thanks friend. This is really helpful. 😀 :mrgreen:

  9. My family and I go there and we are so amaze what the sand bar is.. we are enjoyed there cute Island. pero hindi talaga kyo mabibitin sa pagpunta :)kya lng hindi kmi nag over night 🙁 hehe. Aaannnsaayaaa!

    #sulet na sulet!
    😛 😛 😛

  10. HI! I’m planning to visit SandBar this coming Saturday, January 30,2015 kasama ko husband ko and our 6 year-old daughter. Just the 3 of us. Do u have any idea if how much would it cost me if we will rent a small boat going to SandBar? Thanks a lot! =)

    • Hi Therese, sorry, I was not able to ask them about the price for the boat to Sandbar. You can contact them directly to ask for their price.

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