1. Lawrence M.L.

    Thanks for posting these nice pictures of buses and modern terminals. We have come a long way to comfortable and safe travel. However, this is a long battle towards sustaining our gains. What good will it be if passengers don’t take care of those nice seats, if government will not provide good roads, if people continue with their old sloppy ways? Hope we all wake up to preserve these gains for this and the future generations. Thanks for posting these, they make us proud as a people.

  2. daisyfil

    Gud.eve po…tanong lang po if meron po ba kayung byahe from Iligan City to Davao City? And how much po yung fare, may I ask? Thx po!

    • Good morning Daisyfil. Hindi ko pa po nasusubukan ang Iligan City – Davao na route. No idea rin po kung may direct po na bus na ganon.

      Pwede niyo po gawin Davao – CDO – Iligan City.

  3. Don

    First thank you for your well done site! You have answered many questions I had in mind about added fees and transportation,and some of the foods, and customs, thanks
    I am bringing a motorized wheelchair, any suggestions for the ride to iligan city?

    • Hi Don, I’m not sure on how to bring motorized wheelchair in Iligan City but I think you have a higher chance with the vans since they can fold the chairs to accommodate the wheelchair.

  4. deralph ramsey

    ang galing kapwa iliganon ka pala! sana magkatagpo yung mga lakad naten or invite me if you have upcoming events. thank you!
    – sana makapag-blog din ako ng mga adventures ko just like you. keep it up!

  5. kim123

    Thanks for this Josiah. It really helps a lot. You answered many questions and it really helps for someone like me who’s wondering ride from Laguindingan Airport to Iligan City. I was wondering if you have any idea from Cagayan Port to Bulua Terminal?

    • Hi Kim, you’re welcome. I’m glad that my blog is helping you on your plans. I’m not really sure how to get to Cagayan Port to Bulua Terminal. Usually, we just take the taxi. No idea on how to get there via public jeepneys.

  6. Vea-Trish

    Hi! i would like to ask if same schedule parin ba ang operating hours ng bus from cagayan to iligan and vice versa? planning to visit cagayan on Nov.7 at 6pm ETA from airasia. i am worried if there’s still a bus going to iligan. Thank you!

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