1. Mariane

    wooow. namamangha ako sa paintings nya lalo na yung sa huling pic. gusto ko bilhin yung dalawa! hahaha buti na lang punta kong Baguio ngayong buwan.

    • Mariane, parang napressure akong pumunta ng Baguio. Gusto ko yung Bayanihan. Sana makita mo rin siya with his works. Enjoy your trip to Baguio. 🙂

    • Interesting. Kung siya nga yung pumunta diyan sa inyo sa Bukidnon, he’s also a travelling peddler of his paintings. Nationwide! 😛

  2. Hi there! A. Cayabyab’s paintings are really wonderful. However, I wonder if the person you talked to here in your post is really the artist, A. Cayabyab? I’ve been curious and I wanted who’s the man or woman behind the paintings.

    Here in another blog, another man is selling the paintings of A. Cayabyab. I, too have bought one from Botanical Garden from another seller. I’d just like to ask if you interviewed this guy and did he confirm that he really is the artist? I would really love to know as I am a fan of his works. Thanks very much.

  3. jhoan

    Hi guys!
    The paintings were wonderful!
    Yesterday, while waiting for my dentist, came in a vendor selling paintings, like 5pcs in all on frame. I was attracted of the 1st abstract one, colorful with 2fish facing each other.i didn’t buy d abstract Fish cause it cost 6500.. I bargain with the white background 1color brown painting and if i will give a title/name of it then it would be
    “D VENDOR”/”TRADE”/”BUSINESS”… We went down to 2k from original price of 3500 and last price of 3,100. Though i really don’t have any idea about paintings, i asked him if he is A.CAYABYAB who painted those ones but he said. A.Cayabyab is my brother..then my friend ptr. ask him how he is related with Ryan Cayabyab? He answered that Ryan C. Is his cousin. Then i asked him where he’s from and he answered-from san carlos,pangasinan..he added, he is a poor cayabyab not like ryan c…
    Now as i said,i dnt have any idea about paitings and just got curious if there any such online.got curious also of the guy who sold me on street cause i felt like i bought a too expensive decor to hang on our wall with no warranty or receipt… Typed in ‘painting sold on street by cayabyab’ and this site pop out. Sir josiah, i bought mine to that same guy on your posted pics.

  4. darwin

    Bumili ako sa kanya way back 2016. Buti meron syang painting na pag aani kasi gustong gusto talaga yun ng mother ko kaya di na ako nag atubili binili ko agad. Ayun naka frame na sa bahay namin.

  5. Xty

    I bought a painting in Wright Park today. The man selling the painting said he is the A. Cayabyab who painted it. The man is not the same man in your picture, but the man in the picture of another blogger. Then we went to the market, there are a lot of paintings there, with A. CAYABYAB signed on it. We asked if the qho and where the painter is. The saleslady said, A. Cayabyab is a local painter, but not therw at the time. Now, I am not sure about the authenticity of the painting we bought. We felt we.are being robbed.

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