1. Larry

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in canyoneering in Cebu. I have read that one of the best local guides there had a fatal accident during one of those trips. From that time until your visit, have you noticed if there are more strict precautionary measures implemented in order to prevent another similar accident?

    • Hey Larry, I heard about that one too. Yes, there are improvements now to prevent such a thing from happening. They now require to register at Alegria Tourism and there’s also another registration area at the starting point. Both points will prevent anyone from proceeding if the river is not ideal for Canyoneering.

      Also, that’s the very reason why we went with Kawasan Canyoneering because they are from there. They know more the weather patterns and the conditions of the river than those who provide the Canyoneering Service based outside Badian/Alegria.

  2. Aldrin

    I am planning to go solo on my canyoneering adventure. Do you happen to know if they could accomodate solo adventurers like me? Thanks for the help.

    • Yes. I asked Kawasan Canyoneering if they could accommodate solo travelers. Either you pay a much higher fee, I think it was somewhere around 1,500 Pesos, or another group would agree to include you.

  3. Wow, thanks for this very informative blog. This is so much appreciated. Hi Josiah, me and my friends will be going to Cebu month of March and I’d like to ask if its okay to go to Oslob first and then go Canyoneering? What can you suggest as we were having a hard time doing the sequence of our 4days itinerary. (Actually we were debating if we still have time going to Bohol) or is it possible to have a Cebu-Bohol trip for a 4days vacay? Thanks in advance

    • I’d like to ask if its okay to go to Oslob first and then go Canyoneering?
      Yes, this is possible. Our guides even told us that some who avail of the activity came from Oslob first.

      What can you suggest as we were having a hard time doing the sequence of our 4days itinerary.
      Carcar City (Lechon) – Osmena Peak – Oslob (Tumalog Falls & Whale Shark Watching) – Badian (Lambug Beach & Canyoneering)

      (Actually we were debating if we still have time going to Bohol) or is it possible to have a Cebu-Bohol trip for a 4days vacay?
      No idea po ako. Pero kung 4 days lang po ang itinerary ninyo, South Cebu palang kulang na kulang na.

    • Clarize

      Hi, do you think it’s ideal for me to bring my mirrorless camera for this kind of activity? I was planning to place it safely on an aquabag. I was really hoping to get great quality pictures of the rivers and falls. I am just concerned that I am risking a lot since my camera is not water resistant. Your advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • Hi Clarize, hmmm…. It’s a great risk. A seriously great risk. There were times that the guide would throw the drybag down to the water so if you have a mirrorless camera you would have to cushion it from such falls. Then you still have to waterproof.

      I won’t stop you if you want to bring your camera, since I’ve done it before on another trip. 😛
      But please really consider the risk.

  4. Cher

    Hi! When you mentioned about wearing shoes, may I know what kind of shoes? Sneakers type? Or running shoes? Or aqua shoes? Thanks!

    • May mga nakita po ako na naka-sneaker type, running shoes, aqua shoes and basketball shoes. Pero advisable po yung trekking shoes na pwede po mabasa. Yung gamit ko po ay running shoes.

    • May

      we are 3 women in our late 40s who are planning to go canyoneering by the end of Feb. I jog for an hour at least twice a week but one of our companions rarely has any form of exercise but has an adventurous spirit. do you think we can do this?

    • Yes. You can do it. I think I have the same sedentary life as your friend. The guides will also assess if you are capable or not before the start of the tour.

  5. maria

    this blog is so helpful! thanks! may i ask though, is it possible to:

    take a day trip (since were booked at Cebu City) to do the Kawasan Canyoneering adventure then ride a habal to Lambug Beach right after, and then go back to Cebu City? all in one day yes lol

  6. Krizza

    Hello po, good day! Salamat po for your detailed blog. I & my bf will be celebrating our anniversary in Cebu on Sept 2016. We are planning to do the canyoneering, as part of our itinerary . Pero do i need to be an expect in swimming sa mga activities included? Thanks po.. 🙂

    • Hi Krizza, no need to be an expert in swimming. None of the members of our group was an expert in swimming. Also one of us do not know how to swim. This is okay since there’s a sturdy life vest that we used for the activity.

    • Hey Bhernn! Yes, you can join other groups to save money. I’ve had friends who went there alone and was joined with other groups.

  7. jadhe

    how much did it cost u for the cottage/room?
    im actually planning to go there with someone…mmmhhhh… i dont know yet who but we only have 2 days for this. we’ll be leaving cebu city around 2pm on saturday stay ovrnight at the beach and’ll be doing canyoneering the next day (sunday) then head back to cebu after. do u think plan right? ur suggestion will be appreciated.thanks ^_^

  8. Grace

    Will appreciate if you can include the dangers of cliff diving. I was a victim of spine fracture because of incorrect landing during my 70feet high dive last Sept. 2016. Now I’ll be needing surgery 🙂

    • Hi Grace, I feel sad to hear about your situation. I hope you are doing better now. I think that what jumped out off was really high (70ft) compared to Cebu Canyoneering’s 20ft but it should still be stressed of the dangers of cliff diving.

      During the briefing our guides taught us on how to properly “land” on the water and they also told us the dangers with cliff diving.

  9. Kate

    Hi! we’re planning to go to kawasan as well. your blog really help us. Is it possible though to travel to kawasan then O peak after in a day? 🙂

    • Hi Kate! Yes, it’s possible to do visit Osmeña Peak after doing the Kawasan Canyoneering.

      When we arrived in Matutinao Beach Resort there was a group who just finished doing the canyoneering. They ate lunch, then after they rode habal-habals to Osmeña Peak. They arrived late at night at Matutinao.

      This was also our original plan. But we enjoyeed the Canyoneering too much that we decided to do Osmeña Peak the next day.

  10. Clave

    Very informative thank you.. ask ko lang po sana, plan kasi namin magdaytrip from cebu city to kawasan then balik sa city, paano po ba yung mga sasakyan namin tsaka bababaan.. first time pa lang kasi namin tsaka any tips para makatipid,. Salamat

    • Same lang po ng ginawa namin pero ang habulin niyo po ay yung masmaaga na alis ng bus. Posible po ang daytrip for Kawasan Canyoneering. May mga nakasabay kami na Day trip po ang ginawa.

  11. kiana


    Thanks for you sharing!
    i have a question, is it possible to go ist in oslob then osmena then canyoonering? is there a bus from oslob to dalaguete? bus from dalaguete proper to kawasan falls?
    Pls help me..

    Thank you so much

    • Hi Kiana, yes. It is possible to visit Oslob first then Osmena Peak then Canyoneering. You’ll have to do everything in reverse.

      From Oslob to Dalaguete, ride a bus.
      From Dalaguete – Osmena Peak – Kawasan Falls, habal-habal.

      I hope the above helps.

  12. Li


    Nice blog, very informative!
    Ask ko lang kung action cam lang talaga ginamit mo to take pictures through out the trek? Di pedeng magdala ng phones for picture taking?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Li, pwede naman po pero risk niyo po na magdala ng phone. Nung time na nag-canyoneering kami may mga nagdala ng mga phones nila at once in a while nag-ppicture sila. Pero iwaterproof niyo po ng maayos at ilabas niyo lang po kung kailan safe ilabas.

  13. Brian


    Your blog is so detailed! I liked it! But there is one question in my mind. I’m a solo traveler, Before I will go to kawasan to do some canyoneering, I will be coming from Oslob to do whale shark watching. My question is, can I show up there with no reservation or anything? I mean, where should I pay the fee and where will I leave my bags since I am a solo traveler?

    Please help me. It would be a big factor on my planning. Thanks!

    • Hey Brian, when we were there you can show up without reservation but I’m not really sure now if that is allowed as there is not a limited number per day that can do the activity (I think). As for your bags you can leave them at Matutinao Beach Resort. Most of the people who availed Kawasan Canyoneering left their bags with Matutinao Beach Resort. They hid the bags and not displayed in public. Then when they finished the activity they gave their bags back. I hope this helps.

  14. Hi Josiah,

    Thanks for the informative. I’m trying to reach the number you left here, unfortunately, no one is answering the call. My boyfriend and I will travel to south cebu this March. What would you recommend if we’ll reach Mactan at 7am, should we go to Oslob first or Badian? Thanks!

    • Hi Eunice, if you are planning to do the Whale Shark Watching on the same day as your flight I do not think that you would reach Oslob on time as there’s a time limit to do Whale Shark Watching, I think it was 12NN. After that no Whale Shark Watching is allowed. Therefore, I would recommend heading to Badian first.

  15. Cristine Espiritu


    Do you think Whale shark watching and canyoneering can be done in onde day? If so, what would you suggest to do first? Thanks a lot

    • Hi, yes. I think they can be done in a single day but you would be in an amazing race mode. Start with the Whale Shark Watching then the Canyoneering. But you have to stay at Oslob so that you would be able to be on the first batch of the Whale Shark Watching. But I have not tried this, so I’m not really 100% sure this is possible.

  16. Rene

    When i go to Kawasan Falls for canyoing by bus from Cebu , can i put my luggage ( small suitcase) in a save place when i arrive there?

  17. Celine

    Hi! Is it possible at all to skip the canyoneering part and be at the Kawasan falls directly? The people coming with us are not physically fit to do such activity but would very much like to see the beauty of the falls! Is it possible? If yes do we need to book the tour in advance?

    • Hi Celine, yes. It is possible to go to Kawasan Falls directly without doing the Canyoneering activity.
      You do not need to book the tour in advance when visiting Kawasan Falls only.
      Just head to Matutinao Beach Resort and you will see the sign on where to walk to Kawasan Falls. You may also hire a habal-habal going to Kawasan Falls from Matutinao Beach Resort.

  18. Hello Josiah,

    Your blog is very informative.. this will come in handy during my south Cebu tour.

    By the way, I have a question – is it possible to bring a dslr during canyoneering? Want to capture some good shots but I don’t have an action cam.

    Thanks for your help.

    – Roy

    • Hi Roy, Thank you for your kind words.
      I think it’s possible to bring a dSLR but you have to seriously waterproof it and make sure to cushion it from shocks as you will be jumping and throwing the camera bag.
      Personally, I think it’s too great a risk if it were my dSLR, but I will not stop you.
      If you do it, I would really be amazed by what you did.
      Sorry, if my answer does not help.

  19. Min

    I wanna do Canyoneering in Kawasan falls.
    Please let me know how to pay 1,500 pesos per person and do Canyoneering.

    Let me know the details.
    Thank you

  20. Cm

    Hi Josiah,

    Great detail u have there!
    Few questions:
    – can we bring our phones during canyoneering?
    – do they have bike renting nearby for us to tour around?
    – can we book the tour when we reach kawasan?

    Appreciate your reply. Thanks mate!

    • Hi Cm,

      Here are my answers to your questions.

      – can we bring our phones during canyoneering?
      Yes but I would not recommend it. I’ve seen a lot of people do this. Waterproof your phone very well. Preferably place it inside a waterproof phone holder then put it inside a dry bag, just to be extra sure.

      – do they have bike renting nearby for us to tour around?
      I’m not sure. When I went back in Matutinao Beach Resort they did not have a bike for rent there.

      – can we book the tour when we reach kawasan?
      Now that there is a limit to the number of persons who can do the Canyoneering I would recommend booking in advance.

      I hope this helps.

  21. Cm

    Thank you so much Josiah. Thats very helpful.

    Do you have any reliable contact to book the Kawasan canyoneering and the waterfall tour?

    Im going with my girlfriend.


    • You’re welcome!

      I would recommend the service provider Kawsan Canyoneering. Their website and other contact details can be found in the post. ^_^


    • Bean

      Try Island Trek Tours, their package includes pick up and drop to any hotel in Cebu city or Mactan.

  22. Delia

    Hello I had spinal surgery when I was 21 where I had metal rods put either side of my spine. I’m 26 now. I am working for emirates and my next trip is to cebu. Am I able to take part in the activities of canyoneering? I would love to do it but I am so scared of injuring my spine. Please any information and advice is welcomed. I don’t want to miss out on this opertunity but at the same time I don’t want to redamge my spine Thankyou

    • Hey Delia, my wife did the Cebu Canyoneering but on the first jump she made a mistake and somehow hurt her back and we needed to consult a doctor after the trip. I’m not happy to say this but I think it’s a high risk for you to do the Cebu Canyoneering, but I think you better consult a doctor, a sports doctor to be exact as they are the ones who are positive with these kinds of activities and health. It’s up to you if you want to do the Canyoneering activity. Enjoy your travel here.

  23. Ginger

    Hi Josiah,

    Thank you for all your tips and guides. I just want to know how to enjoy Kawasan falls without doing the canyoneering. And if there are other tourist spots worth visiting.
    Thanks you.

  24. Ramgie

    Hi thank you for this informative post! My friend and I are planning to do visit Pescador, Osmeña Peak and canyoneering in 1 day. However, upon reading so many blogs, I was hesitant to do all of it within a day since we may hurry from one place to another. What can you recommend about this? We are coming from the city and planning to do a DIY tour since we are looking for budget friendly travels. Thanks in advance!

  25. francesca giammichele

    Hi, thanks for your detailed description. However i still have some questions:
    -Are Badian canyoneering and Alegria canyoneering the same?
    -I have my international flight at 8pm in Cebu: do you advise to do this trip in one day (maybe leaving early in the morning from Cebu)
    -so far I am a solo traveller: would you advise to take the bus by myself to/from Cebu or does it take more time than with an organized tour (of course more expensive but I can not afford to lose the flight :P)
    thanks 🙂

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