• So true!!! Though it’s equally fun to travel w/ a group, it can be a pain too most especially when they depend on you…in almost everything! Gaaaah! haha!

      And the nice thing about traveling solo, you can just scrap your prepared itinerary and just go where your feet lead you. πŸ˜‰

    • @Upper, masflexible nga naman kung solo ka magtravel. hindi mo na kailangan iconsult yung ibang mga tao. Go lang ng go! πŸ™‚

  1. I can relate to this post! I’ve had countless of travel planning experiences with back outs and I hate it. Good tip on asking for a non-refundable fee! I’ll keep that in mind.

    • Me too, I hate back outs. After all the effort that you made for them, they won’t be able to experience what you prepared.

      Glad to be of help Kim. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚
      Sa ngayon hindi pa ako nagsasawa mag-organize ng travels. Pero nagbabakasyon din naman ako from organizing by going solo or with a partner.

  2. This is real fact about going in groups. its really a drag when you invite people and they are not cooperating with your plans. whooo! such a bummer! 😈

    • True! I wish people would cooperate more and think about the effort given by the organizers for them than themselves.

  3. piknik

    i so understand your post! I’ve been organizing trip for our barkada for the past two years (without a fee at that) and it’s such a hassle when you have to book and re-book for people who back out or try to have the dates changed. Thankfully now they understand the hassles of organizing a trip! πŸ˜€ such a nice read! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks piknik πŸ™‚
      It’s nice to hear that your friends now understand the hassles of organizing trips. I long for people to try travel organizing at least once in their life so they could value and respect us who sacrifice our time and effort for others to travel. 😎

    • hahaha onting panahon nalang Bibs, mararanasan ko na ang ‘bibang-organizing’. I want to experience the bibang surprises, kung saan pati yung organizer nassurprise din. haha πŸ˜›

  4. kat navallo

    Very practical and useful tips! Have seen this at work when Josiah organized our Pulag trip last January. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kat! I hope to see you more in the future when I organize and I hope I could also be a participant when you organize. πŸ™‚

  5. I can relate to this post! I’m the one always charged with trip organization probably coz I’m the most enthusiastic. Abuso na sila minsan! Pa move ng date.. may mas mura ba? Ang mahal naman!.. sige, sasama ko pero wait… and so on and so forth. Di ko na uli iniinvite mga yun. there are so many others I can travel with πŸ˜‰

  6. so true! Minsan mas maganda talaga magtravel ng solo. Sabe ng iba malungkot, but I really find it enriching. Sarili mu lang proproblemahin mo, and you can even have more time to get to know yourself. : )

  7. Auraphil

    This is a very good topic for travel organizers and travel Guides. I think this are common problems worldwide.

    The ff. are my suggestions:
    1. Plan/schedule the destinations months ahead and publish in your Blogs, considering the dates of National Holidays,and Events (Fiestas, Sports etc.)
    2. Consider the Weather. Plan an alternative destination (Plan A & B) in case the weather is not good when the day comes. There is no reason then to back out or schedule an alternative date. Keep informed by advanced PAGASA weather reports. Take note that the weather in Northwest Luzon, West Visayas are different from the Eastern parts of Luzon and Eastern Visayas. This is because of the Winds from Philippine West Sea and the Pacific Ocean (Phil. Sea) side. Eastern Samar for example has the same weather with that of the South Pacific Islands. That is, Summer months in May to September. Rainy days from November to Feb.

    4. When at the destination the
    weather turns unfavorable, organize
    a social event for the Group. Ex.
    Videooke, Dance contest, Games, etc.

    3. Calculate the Budget for the Group
    including Transportation Fares, Fees, Accommodation and Meals.
    Package Price per person calculating
    an allowance for possible price
    4. Collect Deposit upon reservation.
    with set date of payment for the
    balance, at least 2 weeks before the
    scheduled departure.
    5. Cancellation Fees. Equivalent
    amount for the Airline Fare plus
    organizational fee and possible
    expenses incurred ex. travel insurance, long distance phone bills.
    6. 80% to 100% cancellation fee
    one week before the scheduled
    start of the group travel.
    7. To ensure that everybody enjoys,
    there should be groupings of same
    interests or they can engage in their
    own activity upon reaching the
    destination. Ex. Trekking,
    Snorkelling, Cycling, Spelunking
    Beachcombing, etc. You can still
    meet during Breakfasts and Dinners/Suppers and during Picnics.
    Inform at the start that Complainers
    and “Killjoys” are not welcome in the Group. One of the purposes of the
    group travels is meeting new Friends
    and for Friends to deepen their
    friendship out of sharing same interests together.
    Last but not least,COORDINATE or plan who among you Travellers will travel to certain destinations in such a way that your interested travellers can be recommended (if it does not meet your schedule)to whoever has the schedule to requested destination.

    If you plan different schedules to certain destinations, you will win many travel participants. This is a form of SYNERGY. You will be surprised that after 2 successful
    group trips, your interested Participants will multiply.
    The advantage with our Filipino culture, we are inerconnected. If you win the trust of one, you win also her/his family and friends. Since almost everybody
    has Balikbayan relatives and Office
    Colleagues, it will be easy for you
    to organize. Remember only to be
    strict with the Reservation Conditions and participation requirements stated above. Another
    advantage of organizing Filipino
    participants, FOOD and Accommodation
    as well as possible inconvenience in
    transportation facilities in the
    remote areas will not be a problem.
    Jokes are understood. The former Boy and Girl Scouts and the adventurous types are good participants. So with
    experienced travellers. The “mayayabangs at maarte na tipo ay
    hindi dapat isama sa Grupo. This
    will spoil the fun.

    Unlike organizing package tours for
    international tourists like the
    Europeans, the Organizer will be
    charge in Court or the complaining
    Participant will charge damages
    equivalent to a minimum of 3 times
    the amount paid. The probability is
    there since the facilities and Services in the Provinces are not yet

    Once you have organized a Group,
    considering the above, you will
    continue to improve and enjoy
    travelling at the expense of the
    Group, win more friends, learn from them but of course see to it that
    you earn. Your Participants will surely find your Package much cheaper
    and enjoyable than travelling alone.
    Have fun organizing and good luck!

  8. alanna

    been there, done that!!!
    staying up late doing research for the so-called planned trip with all the necessary details, being excited and looking forward to it. at the end they all back out……grrrr!!!! πŸ‘Ώ

  9. judy

    the first time i organized a 5day adventure trip for 5 friends (so i thought),i did everything. i wanted really to divide the responsibilities to the 5 of us: research on transpo, accommodation, where to eat and i would do the itinerary. but they all wanted me to do everything . so i did.(did not charge them on long distance calls i needed to do) everything went well until our last night in the city. just a seemingly wrong call of getting off where they did not want to get off, made me a such an antagonist.
    moral of the story? DO NOT BRING THESE PEOPLE AGAIN in MY TRIPS!

  10. henry

    Your blog helped me a lot in planning my trip to El Nido….am traveling solo too, since it is better that way…thanks J.S.

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