1. Bryan jake padrones

    Hi.. we bought already a ticket going to palawan on april… just to of us… it is easy or hard for us… or maybe very expensive to do it with ourselves only to to undergroundriver and ugong rock?.. Pls help us…..salamat

  2. Carla Genuino

    Hi! From what travel agency did you avail of your underground river tour package? Do you know of any that includes both the Ugong Rock Adventure and Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour? Thank youuu!

    • Hi Carla, we availed the tour with Northern Hope Tours. We requested to have the Ugong Rock Adventure as the side trip.

      I’m not so sure of the plan for Ugong Rock and Mangrove Paddle Boat because doing these two would eat up time for the Underground River Tour since they are far apart.

  3. Chloe Marie Gonzales

    I’ve also experienced this! it was super fun though! i also did the zipline in super man position 😀

    • Woohooo!!! Me wants to do it again! I think the Ugong Rock experience is way better than the Underground River Tour experience.

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