1. You definitely rock! next question, I have a feeling I acquired such claustrophobia, will I ever get something done like Ugong Rock? hehehe. Thanks. Feeling ko lang talaga I have that phobia.

    • Hahahaha yan ang mahirap na tanong. I think kaya naman. wala naman kasi dun yung susuot ka sa sobrang maliit na butas. Magandang introductory para mawala ang claustrophobia mo ang Ugong Rock. Pero may feeling talaga ako na walang kang ganon na phobia. 😛

    • You’re welcome Riz. Masaya dito. gusto ko pa maghanap ng mga magagandang lugar sa PPS. Sabi nila marami pa daw maganda puntahan. 🙂

  2. Jet Millare

    Hello Josh,

    Big thanks daw po from the heart of Ugong Rock Community. God bless and good luck po sa inyong project hope you can also include other CBST projects (Firefly watching, bacungan floating restaurant-Floating Balud (Bird), Pambato Reef Snorkeling and Dolphin watching ” Nag-enjoy ka na nakatulong ka pa!

    • Hi Jet,

      You’re welcome. Masaya po ako nakatulong ako sa mga Tagabenit. Contactin ko po kayo ulit sa ibang projects ng CBST. 🙂

  3. Jean

    We visited this place last December 2011. From your blog, I guess marami na nabago sa knila. I think this is one of the best experiences we had in Palawan. The guides were very nice, aside from securing our safety, nag volunteer din sila maging photographer to capture our one of a kind moments inside the cave. love it!

    My family is going to Palawan this November. I am strongly recommending this place to them.

  4. fe

    hi… this coming january pupunta kami ng PPS hingi lang ng suggestion anong magandang alternative if hindi kami mag island hopping but of course underground hindi mawawala.. thanks

  5. Jackie

    Hi josh I enjoyed reading your blog about your ugong rocks and zip line adventure seeing your pics brought me to reminisced the memories I had last June 2012 when me and my sister and her foreigner bf dropped by for spelunking and zip line after a visit to underground river! It was my first time to do such kind of rock exploration as well as zip line but its really worth a try! 🙂 😛 I’ ve done zip line again but just in Tagaytay only with my husband pra ma try Nya kako… And hopefully I can bring him and our 8 year old son in Palawan too in the future. My next target … Sumaguing Cave in Sagada maybe a few years from now Kasi gusto ko maeenjoy Nya ( ng anak ko ) trip either Palawan or Sagada… Sad LNG ng kunti kc WLA ko picture nun nag zip line at caving kc nauna ang kapatid ko at bf Nya at first I was reluctant to joined them kc haha… But I’m glad I did!

  6. Elly

    Hi Josiah,

    Thanks a lot po for sharing everything here! My relatives were wondering why we had so much fun in Palawan (both El Nido and PPS) while they were bored to death when they got there. We directed them to this blog. 🙂

    That said, this and the Firefly watching became the highlight(s) of our trip 😀

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