1. drew

    Nice tour review. I was wondering about your belongings, do you leave your luggage/bag in the van during the tour or you bring them with you. I will be there in January and we’ll be doing this tour then catch the flight in the evening. Therefore, i’ll be bringing my belongings with me. Any tips or ideas?

    • Hey Drew, there’s actually 2 answers to your question. If you stayed at an accommodation the night before your Underground River Tour you can ask your accommodation to secure your luggage and provide you with a place to shower after the tour.

      You can also bring your luggage and leave it at the van. The driver will be the one to guard your belongings.

  2. Hi, really good blog. We really enjoy reading your stuffs.. Superrrbb…
    Anyway, we tried to contact Northern Hope Tours by emailing and SMS to their phone number. There is no respond from them.

    Do you know how to contact them maybe?

    Thank you

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